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Gastro-route: best brunchs in el Raval

Gastro-route: best brunchs in el Raval

Here you have the list of our favorite places in el Raval to enjoy a wonderful brunch on the weekends. Don't miss it!


It's a super cozy place with international options for customize your brunch. You can have from arepas to granola bowls, eggs or pancakes, and they have also exotic drinks such as lassis, smoothies or their 'Puré Trópico', Trópico's suggestion. The price will depend on what you order, but it'll be around 10€ and 15€, and about the schedule... you will have time enough: from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 7 pm.

La Esquina

Great place where they have real, good coffee. On the weekends, they have a complete brunch where they serve from simple traditional dishes –such as toasts– to sandwiches and eggs, of course. Prices go from 4€ to 13€.


We can enjoy their brunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 10 am to 4 pm. They have classic brunch dishes such as eggs, toasts or pancakes, burgers and even bagels. If you ask us about prices, you can have a good brunch for 15-17€.

Federal Café

This one is a must-have on our list. The café has 3 floors and a terrace to take care to all the fans, but will need to wait for a table, chances are 90% –but it's worthy! Just try not to be super hungry–.  Their menu is complete, you will have many options, from sweet –cereals, croissants, toasts, etc.– to savory –eggs, burgers, etc.–, and the average price is around 17-20€. Regarding the schedule, you can go from Tuesday to Friday until 1 pm, and Saturday and Sunday until 4 pm.

Flax & Kale

This one is a flexitarian restaurant, so it bases the menu on a vegerarian diet but with some dishes that include oil fish. The menu has also clearly noted if the dishes are vegan, vegetarian, if they are cooked or raw, if they are gluten free, etc., and it has also a really complete allergen information about all their dishes. They serve the brunch on the weekends, from 10 am to 5 pm, and the average price is around 20€.


Last one! The last of our favorites, if you go to Caravelle, you know it'll be a complete success. You can go for their brunch on the weekend, from 10 am to 4 pm, they have many different options and they are delicious.  Within the same menu, you will see some dishes that are available until midday, and some after –these are more slaking–. For example, before 12 pm you can have toasts, muffins, brioches, eggs... but from midday on, they will leave their places to risottos, sandwiches, burgers, even steaks and fish dishes. About prices, again, it will depend on what you order: if you're an early bird and go for the toasts and eggs, the average price would be 10-15€; however, if you're a night owl and you prefer to go for brunch after 12 pm –you know, go big or go home!– then the average would be around 15-20€.