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Spanish Idioms ...

Spanish Idioms ...

It’s time to learn some Spanish, more specifically, some Spanish idioms …

In order to sound like a native, you have to know some of the most used expressions. You have probably heard a lot of native speakers using them and maybe you have already used some. Here a short list of the most used Spanish idioms.

¡Qué guay!: it means “How cool” and it is used when something is really cool.

No hay tutía: it means “No way” or “Forget about it” and it is used when there is no solution.

Matar el gusanillo: it means “to grab a snack” and it is used when you are a little bit hungry and you eat a little snack.

Hombre: it literally means “man” and it is used to strengthen what you are saying.

Tomar el pelo: it means “to pull someone’s leg” and it is used when someone is making fun of someone else.

¡Qué flipe!: it shows excitement and it is used when you hear a very interesting and impressive news.

Echar agua al mar: it means “to put a drop in the bucket” and it is used when someone does something pointless.


Ready to use them?