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Festival del Grec

Festival del Grec

July in Barcelona is a creative month: every day something new, every day something exciting, and every day something to learn. We couldn't avoid to mention this event in our blog. We are talking about the “Festival del Grec”, the main cultural attraction of the summer. This festival is named after the open air Grec Theatre of Montjuich, inaugurated in 1929 and main festival space.

We associate the word “festival” to the music and the majority of times, we are right. The “Festival del Grec” is something different, a beautiful mix of performing arts: dance, music, theatre, circus art. More than 40 years of history and a great audience: these two things make this festival a benchmark for anyone who appreciates art. As well explained on the website, the Grec mission is twofold: “on the one hand, it gives support to local productions showing some of the best creations from Catalan collectives and artists, and on the other, it wants to be a window that is open to the world which presents from the city some of the most interesting proposals from other countries.” (from the official website

Let’s have a look to some of the core events of the Grec. The first thing that you can notice is that they have created, on one hand, a list of the performances and, on the other hand, some itineraries. Those are quite useful, as they help you to sort the performances and to notice immediately what interests you the most.

Silk Road travellers

These shows represent a great occasion to compare all the different cultures of the commercial route. Here are some of the performances: “A reason to talk” (theatre), “Retrospectiva Lav Diaz” (cinema), Eva Yerbabuena (music), “Cloud gate dance, Theatre of Taiwan” (dance), “Our death won’t hurt anybody” (creation).

Explorers of new tastes

For those who appreciate hybridizations, contemporary creations and new scenic forms. Here are some of the performances: “Panorama” (theatre), “Tangen|Benzal. Handle with care” (dance), “Gentry. Mas Maiorum” (creation), “Concert by a band facing the wrong way” (music).

Those travelling with a guide

This itinerary is perfect for people who want to go deeper and collect new notions. Here are some of the performances: “Shadow (Eurydice speaks)” (cinema), “Vania” (theatre), “La veronal” (dance), “Minuit” (circus), “El monstre al laberint” (music).

Seekers of good times

This group of performances is fresh and entertaining, you’ll be satisfied. Here are some of the performances: “Filoctetes” (theatre), “Tabarnak” (music), “Rhumans” (circus), “Là” (creation), “It dansa: from Australia to India, going through Barcelona” (dance).

Our suggestions cover only a little amount of the hundreds of shows you can see during the “Festival de Grec”. In order to check the entire program, please check this link: we are sure you’ll find a lot of interesting performances.