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What you cannot miss in November!

What you cannot miss in November!


What you cannot miss in November… helpBarcelona has clear the events and the tasty treats that you cannot miss in November. Barcelona offers a lot of things to do and as every month, we have selected them for you. Our “What you cannot miss” column is designed to make your life even easier: no need of looking for something do to, we have done it for you!

Our aim? Ease you life… in every sense. We plan monthly all the important information that you may need to move to Barcelona, to find a flat in a good neighbourhood, to learn easily Catalan, to eat tasty food from all over the word and to spend your free time in the best way possible… In few words? We help you to get the most out of your stay abroad.

From your accommodation (cosy rooms in shared flats) to the plans for the weekend, helpBarcelona is always at your disposal. Should we begin with the things that you cannot miss in November?





All Saints’ Day is coming and panellets are a must. If you are new here in Barcelona, let us explain you what are we talking about. Well, the section spoilers something about it! The panellets are traditional desserts, small cookies made of marzipan (we guess that everyone knows what marzipan is) and covered by pine-nuts. They are unbelievably tasty and… we are ready to eat many!

Tasty China

Something traditional and something international: this should be the new “rule” of the Food section ahahah. By the way, this month we want to suggest you the best chinese restaurants in Barcelona. Read the offer in your cozy shared flat, gather yoor friends, choose the reastaurant and experience China…




Casa Amatller

It is as spectacular as any other building designed by Gaudì. Have you ever heard about this house? This is a great chance to admire the enchanting details of the works made by Gaudì! This building takes our breath away every single time we see it…

A Certain Darkness

This month is your last chance to visit the exhibition made by Alexandra Laudo. How do we look at art? Which is the relation between the cult value of images and their exhibitive value?




Black Music Festival

31st October_ We know that it is not exactly November, but this festival is something that you cannot miss. Blues, salsa, hip hop, jazz, soul, reggae… All the major styles of music will make you enjoy a nice evening with your friends. One of the most importan black music festivals is waiting for you in Barcelona. Save the date!

Voll-Damm Festival Jazz Barcelona

Many days of Jazz, many chances to listen to good music. If you like jazz or if you simply want to widen your music horizons, do not think twice. Check the programme, buy your entrance and enjoy the music. By the way, we have provided you the link of the page…


We love November, its colours, the warm teas, the cosy evenings on the sofa watching tv series… the list of the amazing things we can do during this month is infinite! The most important thing? Not living alone… By living in a shared flat, with other students or people of your age, you will always find something entertaining to do. So, a good accommodation is the first very important step to plan an unforgettable stay abroad.

It’s time to begin November in the best way possible… Are you ready? Stay tuned and do not miss our articles about… SPOILER ALERT… Barcelona, its neighbourhoods, the public transports, etc.

See you on December


helpBarcelona Team

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