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Santa is coming!

Santa is coming!

Santa is coming! You have been good, right? As you will have to make and receive presents, helpBarcelona has decided to make a list of presents that should be underneath your Christmas tree. We have selected for you 10 items that we would really like to get.

helpBarcelona has some presents for you, too. The first one is our new blog; every week we post something new for you. The second one is the list of presents; you can use it to make presents to family and friends or to draw up you Christmas list. The third is the chance to live an unforgettable experience abroad. Where? Here in Barcelona with us in one of our cosy flats. Our shared flats are the right choice when it comes to accommodations. You will have the chance to meet international people and live with them, to learn Spanish and to live is some of the best districts of the city. Begin a new adventure with us!

Above our presents, below the presents you can make to a friend, to your family or, feel free to send one of them to our office (we are the Communication Department). As Christmas is coming and time is never enough to buy presents, we should begin immediately!


Top 10


Christmas sweater

Many people hate them, many others (read “we”) like them. With Santa Claus and the Snowman, red and green, with reindeers and with an elf… Actually, we have recently seen a sweater with the lights on. Too much? By the way, it had to be part of our list! Can you imagine the Christmas dinner with all your flatmates wearing Christmas sweaters?

Travel kits

Are your friends untiring travellers? Do we like to travel comfortably? Well, travel kits are perfect: a neck pillow, a mask and some earplugs. Now you and your friends are ready to go everywhere. Of course, many other items may suit any travel lover: tags, travel diaries, one of those fancy thermal bottles (they are actually environmental friendly because you do not have to buy any plastic bottle), a backpack, etc.

Fitness Watch

This present is in our top three. There are many models, from the basic one to the professional. Any of them is perfect to monitor how many steps you do in a day and to motivate you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Healthy and fit, we like it…

No.More.Plastic by Martin Dorey

As you may have guessed, this is a book, a special one. This guide offers 2 minutes solutions to reduce plastic in your daily life. As we care about the environment, we think that being as much sustainable as possible is of primary importance. Book lovers and not, this is a great present!

Scratch map

Do you have any friend who travel a lot? This map will allow him/her to scratch the countries that he/she has already visited. We are fascinated by this huge world overview and we are working hard to achieve our main goal: travel the world. helpBarcelona may give you the chance to scratch Spain!


This present is less original than the others are, but you cannot go wrong. Are you looking for a present for your girlfriend, or maybe for a friend? A beautiful bag may be the right choice. And if you are not good at choosing, you can ask the sales clerks for help!

Oil diffusers

From a simple present to a very difficult one: this present is quite peculiar and not for anyone. You must be sure that your friends like essential oils and smells. It is true that there are many delicate oils; nonetheless, if they do not like strong scents, it is not for them. Maybe, not to go wrong, you can bay only the diffuser and add a gift card for the essential oils. By the way, our favourite scent, just to let you know, is peppermint: sweet and fresh at the same time.


Chocolate is always a good idea! Why? Because it makes you warm during winter and it is a good excuse to gather with your flatmates. Some tasty pralines, a cup of tea, a good movie and some friends: this is all you need to spend a perfect evening. Do you have many friends on diet? They will appreciate this present: it’s Christmas, no one is on diet during Christmas time ahahah.


It has been always more common to hang posters in beautiful and simple frames. From the graphics ones, to the city maps, from landscapes to famous actors, there are posters for everyone’s taste. Actually, we are in love with a brand in particular and we suggest you to have a look at their products. You may find something you are looking for since months or you may discover a new item for your Christmas list. Here the link, just in case you are interested.


Even though we are crazy for these items, they are the last resort: you opt for them when you really do not know what to buy for someone. Agendas, calendars, planners, “To do list” block notes, magnets with the tasks of the day, shopping lists, Sticky Notes, bullet journals… They are everywhere and the graphics are amazing, they are useful and pretty. Guess you what? This one may be the present you send us for Christmas ahahah.


Many amazing presents, isn’t it? One of our favourite one is, undoubtedly, the book. Taking care care of our society and the environment is of paramount importance and we do not exclude to begin a column about it in our blog.

In the meantime, have you drawn up your Christmas list? We have a very long one…

It’s getting late, we have to go Christmas shopping! helpBarcelona and its blog will come back in 2019 with new posts. We have just realized that this is the last blog post of 2018… Should we celebrate it?

helpBarcelona wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

See you in 2019…