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What you cannot miss in February!

What you cannot miss in February!

What you cannot miss in February and much more. If you are one of our readers, you may have already experienced our new section “favourites”. We are so enthusiast that we could not wait to write the new agenda. Do we have interesting plans? We do. Do we have amazing things to suggest you? We do. February is a peculiar month though; it is the month of love in all its forms. Therefore, let us begin the post with the right ambience…


L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore can

 Love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a game for two […]


 Everyone knows the song L.O.V.E by Frank Sinatra, isn’t it? As mentioned above, we should celebrate love in all its forms. Of course, every month should celebrate it, but this is a good chance to do it. Actually, helpBarcelona would like to celebrate love all along. Love for all those people who need our help because they live in less fortunate circumstances. The love for diversity and the love for equality. The love for travelling and new adventures, as well as love for ourselves.  Do not worry, we will celebrate the romantic love, too!

Actually, we would like to make this post a multi-faceted love story. The very first protagonist will be the love for Barcelona: events, concerts, tours around this beautiful city. Follow the romantic love and the love for other people: our favourites will explore love in every way, from the culinary to the altruistic one.


 Events and more


Escape room: we must have already suggested you escape rooms, you are locked in a room and you have to escape solving riddles. The one that we suggest you today, is a magical one, the Harry Potter themed escape room called Andana 9 3/4.

12-17 February_Santa Eulalia celebrations: this celebration is the biggest one during winter and it will give you the chance to take part into several cultural activities and to discover corners of the city that would remain otherwise unexplored.

End of February_Carnival: February is not just the month of love, it is the month of Carnival, too. Our suggestion? Stay tuned and do not miss the Mardi Gras and all the other crazy events that will take place this month.


 February Favourites


To watch

  • Bohemian Rhapsody: if you like Queen (as the majority of world’s population), you may have already watched this film. Even though it is not as good as expected, you will leave the cinema singing. Love? Love is everywhere in this film.
  • The Handmaid’s tale: this dystopian TV series will trap you and will not be able to close your computer anymore ahahah. One episode leads to a dozen, literally. Why have we chosen it for our February favourites? Because it depicts love for freedom, love for being able to say and do what we want to…

To read

  • The city of Joy by Dominique Lapierre: this is a great novel and an amazing love story. Not a conventional one. This is the love story of a French priest and an American doctor for all those people who, despite their miserable conditions, give love and keep smiling. (EN)
  • Uno siempre cambia el amor de su vida por otro amor o por otra vida by Amalia Andrade: this Colombian writer will entertain you whether you have a broken heart or not. Her fresh style matches perfectly with the editing of this book. An experience that will make you laugh and that will make you think… (ES)

To visit

  • Terragona: the selected February journey will be in Terragona. Founded in 5th century BC, it is a port city and it treasures ancient Romans ruins that are actually a World Heritage Site. Close to these ancient remains, you will enjoy the view of several churches and of the modern Terragona with its squares, the university and the railway station. How can you reach this location? Easy peasy lemon squeezy… By train.

To eat

  • Casa Xica: are you ready to fall in love with the fusion cuisine? With our favourites, we have pleased many people and now it is time to please food lovers! We kindly suggest you to taste their wines… Here a link to discover more about this restaurant.


Even if this post has begun in a weird way, we are happy with the outcome, especially because the February favourites are simply amazing. You may think: “Thanks a lot! You have chosen them” ahahah. If you trust us and follow at least one of our suggestions, we are sure you will appreciate it.

helpBarcelona loves you, therefore has another suggestion for you! Did you have any doubt? If you are planning to move to Barcelona and you are still figuring out the housing solution you want to adopt, we kindly suggest you shared flats. Why? Because a shared flat will make you start the new adventure off right. We do not want to say too much, as we have already written a post about this topic, so… just go on our blog and look for it! You will find many other interesting posts to make the most out of your stay.

Dear readers, it is time to let you watch the TV series we have suggested you. Our blog posts come back next week, therefore… Stay tuned!

Have a lovely February!