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Hola, let’s write a letter!

Hola, let’s write a letter!


Let’s write a letter! Writing letters is always a sore subject, especially if you do not speak/write fluently the language. For this reason, we have decided to dedicate to the topic a post in our “Language learning” column. This post will provide you with the essential phrases to redact a letter, both formal and informal.

Actually, the column we have talked about above is still something new. We have not had the chance to write many posts about this topic, but we will work hard to write more about Catalan and Spanish. helpBarcelona’s goal is helping students and young workers from all over the world getting settled in Barcelona. The language is one of the things that we wish to deepen this year, also because Catalonia faces a bilingual situation.

To sum up, this blog post will be about phrases to write formal and informal letters. In that way, you will not have to look around your shared flat waiting for the e-mail translation of your Spanish friend! Actually, if you live in a shared flat, you may be lucky enough and have a Spanish roommate… Good reason to choose this accommodation, right?

Finally, we can begin our list. We have divided the phrases in two big groups: the ones to write a formal letter and the ones to write the informal one. These groups are then divided in “How to begin”, “How to end” and “Body of the letter”. We guess you have all the tools to edit a good letter even if your Spanish is not that good as the one of a native.




How to begin

A quien corresponda, = To whom it may concern (if you do not know the recipient)

Estimado señor y señora …, = Dear Sir or Madam

Estimado Sr. / Sra. / Srta. …, = Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms.


Body of a letter

Mi nombre es… y soy... = My name is...

Escribo de parte de... = I am writing on behalf of...

Adjunto encontrará… = Attached please find…

Le escribo para… = I am writing to…

Lo/la estoy contactando sobre… = I am reaching out regarding...

Gracias por su asistencia con este asunto = Thank you for your assistance in this matter

Quedo a la espera de ricibir noticias suyas tan pronto le sea posible = I look forward to hearing from you at your ealiest convenience

Por favor no dude en contactarme si necesita más informaciónes = Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information


How to end

Saludos cordials, = Best regards,

Cualquier cosa estoy a su disposición = I am available should you have any question

Quedo a la espera de sus noticias, = Looking forward to your reply,

Cordialmente, = Yours sincerely,

Muchísimas gracias, = Thank you very much,





How to begin

Hola…, = Hi…,


Body of a letter

Te escribo porque = I’m writing you because

Tanto tempo sin hablarnos = Long time no talk

¿Cómo te va? = How are you doing?

Espero que estes bien = Hope you are doing well

Encantado de ayudarte = Happy to help

¡Nos vemos! = See you!


How to end

Un saludo, = Cheers,

Saludos, = Bests,

Seguimos en contacto, = Let’s keep in touch,

Espero saber de ti pronto, = Hope to hear from you soon,

Besos, = Love,

Hablamos pronto, = Talk soon,

Mantente en contacto, = Keep in touch,

Muchas gracias, = Many thanks,


We are finally ready to write our letter. Even though you are free to organize the content as you wish, these phrases will be extremely useful, especially if you are a beginner and you are not familiar with Spanish yet. Whether you need to write formal or informal letters, now you are ready. Paper, pen, ink and you are ready to write.

These guidelines will be useful in many occasions. If you have to write to your professor, to helpBarcelona, to a friend, to an ex flat mate… In order to have ex flat mates though, you must live in a shared flat. And here we go with our suggestion: shared flats are the best housing solution for all these people who decide to begin a new adventure away from home. Being cheaper, it will let you save money to travel, to enjoy Barcelona, to visit exclusive exhibitions and to taste delicious food in some of the best restaurant of this city. Moreover, you will have the chance to practice Spanish and to use the phrases we have listed above. No doubt, you will follow this suggestion and you will live in a shared flat soon (if you have not already). 

This post of our “Language learning” column is coming to an end and, therefore, it is time to say goodbye. Before saying goodbye, one last thing: keep following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter… our community is growing and we want you be part of it.

Un saludo,

helpBarcelona team