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What you cannot miss in May!

What you cannot miss in May!


What you cannot miss in May! We’re finally back with our monthly meeting: helpBarcelona agenda is fulfilled with our favourite plans, movies, exhibitions, restaurants and many other things we do not want to spoiler here since we want you to read the article (lol).

Well, take a couple minutes to read and take note of what intrigues you more; we can’t wait to start this new month together!

"Spring is finally here" was our first thought when we were about to write the last Agenda and now, we are ready to welcome May, with its sunny and warm days - and exams as well, cause many of you are in the middle of this struggle. Stay strong, we’re with you!
In the meanwhile, before heading to the events, a little brief overview about some moving abroad tips:

1- Define your budget;
2- Choose the neighbourhood and collect information about it;
3- Look for an accommodation (we will help you with suggestions about housing solutions in shared flats)
4- Prepare documents and suitcases;

Now, as we have already said, the hot season is coming and is there a better reason to go out (at least to enjoy the beautiful beach we have) in Barcelona? Of course not, but here we’re going to provide you with some of our favourite events that will take place in the city, in case you need something more compelling!




 8 May - Nit dels museus: in honour of the International Museums Day Barcelona opens the doors in all its museums at night. You can get in for free and enjoy all the collections and expositions all around Barcelona museums.

Till 12 May - Fiesta Mayor de la Sagrada Familia: two weeks of fun and events to make this neighbourhood even more alive. The event agenda is fulfilled with great plans: costumes parades, dance shows, fire shows and great human towers (castells).

16-31 May - Ciutat Flamenco: concerts, classes and Flamenco shows; that’s what this Festival is about and we can’t wait to dance on its rhythm and notes...join us!




To eat

  • Can Ros - Placed in the famous Barceloneta, this place is a great way to recharge after a long walk! Can Ros is a century-old seafood restaurant with the 21st century tastes: its menu features special rice dishes (from the rice with lobster one till the black one).
  • Bacoa Burger - using seasonal premium ingredients and cooking everything by hand, Bacoa offers specialty burgers that will make your mouth water. Beside the house classics, the exclusive Bacoa burgers also include particular versions: such as the one with Serrano ham and manchego cheese or the one with Japanese bread crumbs. Moreover, they make tasty home-made sauces (such as the Roasted Tomato Ketchup, Salsa Brava, Aioli, Mustard or Black Truffle Mayo) and they also have vegan options.


To watch

  • Game of Thrones: okay, this is what we have been waiting for TWO YEARS! And we’re so excited that the season 8 is finally out. If you never saw this outstanding tv show, we strongly recommend you to start. It’s based on the epic fantasy novel series written by George R.R. Martin. We don’t want to spoil a lot, but be ready to keep your breath baited: common fantasy elements, such as swordplay, magic, dragons are nothing compared to the great political intrigues and human drama.

To read

  • The solitude of prime numbers: A prime number only can be divided by itself (or by 1). Alice and Mattia, the two main characters, are both prime numbers who seem destined to stay alone. Both marked by childhood tragedies, they meet in their teenagers’ period, finding in each other a damaged soul, an anchor.
    Emotional, deep and mathematically raw. You should read this beautiful Italian bestseller.

To visit

  • Tarragona: located in the south of the region of Catalonia (eastern Spain), the city is in the Costa Dorada tourist coastline. We are talking about a place which is home to the Tarraco Archaeological Site (that awarded World Heritage site by UNESCO).
    Tarragona not only has beautiful historical highlights, but also several nature reserves, beaches and a lot of gastronomic and wine-related attractions


 Okay, we’re done with this monthly agenda! Keep in mind all these plans, events and suggestions, because May is going to be full and it’s waiting for you to live amazing experiences in Barcelona. By the way, if you are planning to move here, don’t forget that you can find all you need at 

Well, nothing left to say.
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See you in June,

helpBarcelona team