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Recycling in Barcelona

Recycling in Barcelona

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Recycling in Barcelona is a topic we really care about and we want to share with you, dear readers some useful tips to keep going green for the wealth of the Planet and us all.

"The environment must be protected… to preserve essential ecosystem functions and to provide for the wellbeing of future generations; environmental and economic policy must be integrated; the goal of policy should be an improvement in the overall quality of life, not just income growth; poverty must be ended and resources distributed more equally; and all sections of society must be involved in decision making" (The Real World Coalition 1996, a definition based on the work of the World Commission on Environment and Development).

Sustainability has increasingly growth in the decades and, as you may know, this year it has been a topic of paramount importance, thanks to the young activists - as Greta Thunberg is - and important actions, for example Fridays For Future.

That’s why we strongly believe that by providing our tenants and our readers with few basic tips and some information, we can actually do something for them and they can do something for the society they live in. Education and information are the very first steps to improve our lives!

 How long does it take for our Planet to dispose of toxic waste? Get a look below

  • Chewing gum 3 years
  • Plastic between 100 and 1000 years
  • Aluminium cans 4000 years
  • Cigarette butts 2 years
  • Glass bottle 4000 years
  • Milk cartons 5 years
  • Batteries 100 years
  • Nylon Fabric 30-40 years


These are the years that your wastes need to decompose in nature. We should really think ten times before throwing a plastic bag, can or bottle away. First, reusing is the key and the easiest step to start caring about the environment. Then, a correct recycling is the following step to help our planet.

Recycling is today’s topic, so take a load off and read carefully how recycling works in Barcelona. Being this topic so vital, invite your flat mates to read the article with you or teach them, if they are not doing it yet, how to recycle. You will live in one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly shared flats in Barcelona!

Do you know that Spain over 70% of population recycles the trash, making the Country one of the European nations with the highest rate?! If this is possible, it’s thanks to the adequate and helpful dispositions that the cities, including Barcelona, offer to their citizens in order to ensure a clean and healthy public space.

The service is carried out through street containers, door to door ones, pneumatic collection boxes and the ones for the shops. If there’s some waste left that can’t be places, it will be delivered to Green Dots.



The paper and cardboard recycling bins are the BLUE ones.

Elements that you can throw in them: packaging and card boxes, newspapers, magazines, sheets, notebooks, egg cartons, flyers, tubes (like the one of the toilet paper), wrapping paper, envelopes, books without wire-o bound

You CAN’T throw: dirty paper material, such as paper napkins/towels stained with oil (these go into the brown containers)



The glass recycling bins are the GREEN ones.

What can you throw in these containers? Glass bottles, jars and other packaging made of glass.

Elements that CAN’T be thrown: broken glasses, flat glass, mirrors, ceramic remains, dishes, light bulbs, fluorescent, etc.



The cartons and cans recycling bins are the YELLOW ones.

What can you throw in these bins? Plastic containers (water bottles, plastic bags, yogurt containers), beverage and food cans, cartons, plates and metal lids, aluminum foil ad cling film, polystyrene trays, etc.

What you CAN’T throw: toys, watering hoses, tubes, CDs, packaging of dangerous products (solvent or paint).



The bins for this waste are the BROWN ones.

Elements you can throw in: leftover meat, fish, bread, fruit, vegetables, seafood, nuts, egg shells, corks, tea bags, coffee grounds, paper towels and napkins stained with oil, gardening waste, etc.

You CAN’T throw: hair, diapers and animal feces (in the grey ones), paper and cardboard.



The paper and cardboard recycling bins are the GREY ones

What can you throw in these bins? Cigarette ends, sanitary towels, diapers, sweeping debris, cotton, hair, used pens and pencils, animal feces.



For all the other waste, such as batteries or oil, clothes, dead animals, fibrocement or asbestos, citizens have special services.
More info about the other waste here!

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Follow this guideline offered by helpBarcelona and remember…

Yes, we are small, but even the tiniest gestures are important to care and preserve our environment.

Let’s give your daily contribution!


See you soon,

Your helpBarcelona team