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Vintage shopping in Barcelona

Vintage shopping in Barcelona

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Did you know that vintage shopping in Barcelona is on another level? The right streets will keep you occupied for hours looking at unique clothing and jewelry; the right shops will show you perfectly preserved pieces from as far back as the 50s. If you’re looking for something small to complete your look–or an entirely new outfit–anything you can imagine can be found at a vintage shop in Barcelona. Today, we show you how to get around the vintage shops of the city.

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If you have hours to use, meander down Carrer de Riera Baixa in El Raval. This street is teeming with life, offers good vibes, and feels like its own thriving community. One example of a shop on this street is Lullaby, a women’s vintage clothing store featuring bargain and designer pieces. The only problem we have with this street is that we could talk about it forever. Record shops proudly play examples of the music they offer; vendors cheerily walk the streets, talking to customers and each other; shops set up stalls displaying some of their goods on the sidewalk. We could spend forever here, but unfortunately, it’s time for us to walk away from this area and continue forward. 

Fortunately, there are still plenty of shops to talk about. Let’s move onto Holala! Tallers, another vintage shop in Barcelona providing, as they say, “unique clothing for unique people”. This company found its start in France but opened a location in Barcelona in 1992 offering clothing and furniture from the US, Japan, and Europe. To find this beautiful shop, head to Carrer dels Tallers, 73. If you visit and find you’re interested in more, Holala has a few other locations in Barcelona with slightly different offerings you should also check out!

For a more specific type of vintage shop, look at Camden Underground Shop, a store focusing on cheap rock merchandise. This place is fully loaded, wall to wall, with clothing, shoes, and accessories for you to look through. You can find this shop on the same street as Holala; Carrer dels Tallers, 29.

Another favorite of the area, La Principal Retro & Co, focuses on styles from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. If you’re looking for unique streetwear or a way to stand out, spend a little time here checking out their neat displays of clothing. This shop has two locations in Barcelona, Carrer de Valldonzella, 52, and Carrer de Ferlandina, 37. 

For the last store we talk about today, let’s mix things up a little and check out a furniture shop with vintage mid-century pieces. El Recibidor is set up with simple walls and floorings to highlight all of the beautiful pieces of art and furniture they have available. The sleek shop itself is a wonder to walk through (almost an art exhibit), but the pieces it holds make it what it is. You can find this shop at Carrer de Calábria, 85. 

If you’ve gone through our list and still need more don’t worry, Barcelona is a city known for shopping. For more information on the city, take a quick look at our blog; we talk about things like culture, neighborhoods in the area, and events you can’t miss in the city. If you’re looking for a room in the area, don’t forget to look into a shared flat. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment for us here. 


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So cool! I will certainly spend some time in these shops... So curious