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Travel to Costa Brava

Travel to Costa Brava


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Do you need a little break from the city as we do? If your answer is YES, here’s our little escape suggestion!

Costa Brava, the Catalonian coast spanning 214 kilometers from the French border to just north of Barcelona, supports clear blue water and sheer cliffs. Our travel column this week features this beautiful stretch of coast and the great attractions it holds. 

Before we can travel to the beach, you have to know if you want to go alone or with a group! Traveling alone can be a lot of fun because it allows you to be in complete control of your trip but traveling with friends can be even better. With friends, you can make lifelong bonds and memories that you’ll never forget. If you haven’t moved to the city yet, a great way to make new friends and travel mates in Barcelona is to live in a shared flat. A lot of times, the people you share your accommodation with will become some of your closest friends. Once you’ve met these people and made these friends, traveling with them will only make you closer. 

Also, shared flats are cheaper to live in, so you can have more money to spend on your travels! Let’s get back to our plan for this trip, Costa Brava. We’ll first talk about how you can get to Costa Brava and then we’ll get into some of the best things you can do while you’re there. Pack your stuff, let’s get going. 

How to reach Costa Brava 

If you want to get there quickly, the best way to travel is by plane. The airport in Girona is fairly central on the coast, but it is a little bit away from the actual coast. There is also a train that runs directly from Barcelona to Girona and other nearby cities. From there you may need to take a bus or rent a car to get to the coast. The best way of traveling to Costa Brava is probably to go by car. Because the coast is so long and there is so much to see, it is definitely easiest to rent a car if you want to see everything. 


Now that you know how to get there, it’s time for you to plan out the trip. What do you want to do; how do you want to spend your time? You might want to check out some of the art of world-famous surrealist, Salvador Dalí. You might want to take a wine tour, exploring its rich history in this area. You might want to spend your time exploring the coast, making friends at the beach. 

If you’re looking for the art of Dalí, the first place you need to go is Figueres to find the Dalí Theatre Museum. This location was selected by Dalí himself and displays the most diverse collection of his works, from paintings to sculptures. Next, we’ll move to a small village, Portlligat, where you can visit Dalí’s house on the coast, Casa-Museu Salvador Dali. To finish our Dalí tour, we’ll go to Púbol to explore the Gala Dalí Castle. This castle was fully restored by Dalí, from its surreal gardens to unusual rooms. 

For our wine connoisseurs, there are wine tours up and down Costa Brava. With a little research, you can find wine museums, wine tastings, and even wine therapy treatments for you to enjoy. 

If you’re more interested in the beach itself, you may want to get into contact with Stoke Travel. Anytime from 1 June to 30 September, you can book a trip with them on the coast for at least two nights. With them, you’ll get to camp under the stars by the beach, wake up for morning yoga, head off for a cliff jumping experience, then hang out with other travelers in the evening. If you only have a short amount of time, you could also go for a single day kayaking and snorkeling tour with them over coral reefs, in secluded beaches and caves, and even see volcanic cliffs. 


We can’t wait to go to Costa Brava to see all the beauty it holds. Check out our shared flats and our blog for more information on Barcelona. Thanks for checking out our plans today and have a great time traveling. 


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