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Brunch in Barcelona

Brunch in Barcelona


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Finally back to our tasty column, and today we’ll be talking about some of the best brunches in Barcelona. This culinary trend came late to Barcelona, but now it’s sweeping through the city with brunch offered at places it never was before. Though normally offered from around 9 am to 12 am in other countries, in typical Spanish fashion this time period has been pushed back to include times as late as 4 pm. Whether you stay out late the night before or just want a new hip place to find food with your friends, brunch is the perfect meal for you. 

By the way, if you’re looking to move to Barcelona and need to find an accommodation, you should definitely consider moving into a shared flat. Sharing your flat with other students and young workers from around the world is a great way to make new friends, learn about new cultures and languages, grow comfortable in the city, and lower your cost of living. We’re sure the people you meet here would love to stop by one of these places to grab a delicious brunch after a long night. Get ready, let’s go. 

Of course, when discussing brunch in Barcelona you have to start with Milk Bar & Bistro. This restaurant has made many changes throughout its time in the city, starting as an absinthe bar and becoming a lively family style restaurant. They offer seasonal menus throughout the year with locally sourced produce and craft beer. Milk brought brunch to Barcelona, fighting to introduce the idea to the Spaniards in the beginning. Now, because of them, this idea is widely embraced in the city. If you’re looking for brunch, don’t worry; Milk offers their brunch from 9 am to 4:30 pm every day of the week. 

Moving on to our second brunch spot we find Trópico, a healthy favorite. This place is most well-known for its breakfast and lunch menu, but also offers dinner if you stop by late. With their international options, anyone can find something attractive to their tastes here. If you want something light, go for a fruity smoothie. Don’t miss out on their colorful juices, granola bowls, eggs, or arepas. Make your trip here anytime Monday to Friday between 10 am and 7 pm. 

Leaving Trópico, we’re going to head over to Federal Café, a must try. One of the first cafés to do very well in Barcelona, Federal Café has 3 floors including a terrace to fit their guests but, honestly, you may still have to wait for a table. Whether you have a sweet tooth or want something savory, you’ll be able to find something delicious on their menu. Eggs, burgers, avocado toast, cereal, croissants; have fun digging through their menu and hanging out in the lovely café while you wait for a chance to try some of their delectable food. 

If you have a specialized diet, you may want to go to Flax & Kale while you’re in Barcelona. This flexitarian restaurant has a mainly vegetarian menu, but incudes vegan options and fish. Their menu also clearly indicates items that are cooked or raw, gluten free, and so on to make your experience as easy as possible. Here, you can easily find something to suit your dietary habits. Unfortunately, their brunch is only available on weekends, but they do have breakfast and lunch on weekdays so you can still stop by almost anytime. 

That’s all we have for you today in our tasty column! Hope we helped you find something to fill you up in the morning. Enjoy your walk through the best brunches in Barcelona and don’t forget to check out the shared flats in the city! 

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