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Barcelona: Barrio El Clot

Barcelona: Barrio El Clot

Barrios and buildings, parks and seaside. Barcelona is a wonderful city; are you familiar with its neighbourhoods? After the Barrì Gotic, we would like to guide you through the discovery of another beautiful district of Barcelona: the Barrio El Clot.

Modern and human-sized, this neighbourhood may be the perfect location for your new home. As already mentioned in several other articles, collecting information is of paramount importance when you look for a new shared-flat. helpBarcelona is here to help you! Being the choice of a location often difficult, we have decided to show you the strengths of this tiny little area.

Would we live here? Definitely yes! Why? It is not difficult to explain. As we have to start from something, we will provide you some general information about this neighbourhood. Ready to take note?

El Clot is the oldest neighbourhood of the San Martí district. Despite its medieval origin, when it was a rural area close to the seaside, it has been for several years an industrial area. Today this character has been partially lost: new modern buildings are now part of this area that has been upgraded in the last decades.

More info? There we go!  Although the Barrio El Clot stands up for itself, we have listed its strengths, so that you can have a general idea of this happy place in the centre of Barcelona.


The big museums are located in other parts of Barcelona; nonetheless, there are some valuable options in this area, too. The first one that is worth a mention is the Museo Del Disseny, the design museum: if you like the interior design, this museum is a “must”. Another interesting museum is the Museo Taurino de la Monumental. Even though you may not love this Spanish tradition, it is part of the Spanish history; a quick tour may be interesting.

What else… Mmm… Let’s see… Oh, well, we have nearly forgot the Sagrada Familia and the Torre Glóries. They are not museums, but they are without any doubt buildings of incredible beauty.

Free time

This district offers you many choices; the most important thing is that you will never get bored! Whether you like nature or you are a shopaholic, you will find something to do. There is a park (the Parque del Clot) to go jogging or read a book laying on the meadow, there are many shops such as Zara, H&M or you can simply walk till the city centre (few metres) in order to enjoy the beautiful boutiques of Barcelona. Even when you go out without a plan, you will find easily something interesting to watch. Actually, this modern area has many amazing modern buildings. Now that you have ideas for your free days, let’s have a look at the serious things necessary during your daily life.


Nothing to say about the services and the public transports. There is anything you may need; from the bank to the supermarket, from the Chinese restaurant for your take away dinner to the offices to ask for documents. It doesn’t matter which part of Barcelona you need to reach, metro and busses will bring you there. All these characteristics make this district one of the best ones to live: far from the crowded touristic streets, but nonetheless with all the services necessary during your daily life.  

Are you still looking for a room? Now you know where it is will be located! The Barrio El Clot will be your new home away from home! We do not need to convince you to look for your shared-flat there. If you visit this area once, you will fall in love immediately.

Barcelona hosts every year thousands of students and the flat search may be often a problem, especially in this beautiful and central district. helpBarcelona wanted to offer its clients modern flats in this area of the city centre, so we have decided to settle there some of our housing solutions. Close to the seaside, in the city centre, close to some of the most famous buildings of Barcelona, this district seems to be perfect, more than perfect!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our brief tour of the Barrio El Clot. We are waiting for you there!