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The 5 best bars in Barcelona

The 5 best bars in Barcelona

Classes are over, the final terms are already a memory and free time is an institution. Beach, friends, movie nights, festivals, parties … well, the agenda is full! Just in case you have a lull or you don't want to stay at home or you want to hang out with friends in a different place, we have drafted this brief list of 5 nice bars where you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon in Barcelona.

In order to enjoy Barcelona in the best possible way, we always suggest to read a lot about the city and to look for an accommodation in a shared flat located in the best neighbourhoods of the city. Imagine to wake up in your cozy room, to meet your flatmates and to have to decide what to do. Here we provide you extremely valuable suggestions, don't you think so?

Let’s have a look at them and … Try them all!


This pretty, tiny, cosy bar is one of our favourite café in Barcelona: the decorations, the atmosphere, the croissants … it reminds us Paris! We kindly suggest you to have brunch here or just a coffee and a piece of cake: perfect to chat with your besty and plan your evening in the city. Do you want to take some cake at home? Just ask for a take away!


Does your group likes craft beers? This pub has 24 different types of beers and the creativity to organize amazing events. Added value, it is open all week. A lot of positive reviews and good quality, we guess it is a good place to hang out and have fun. If you are planning to move, just look for an accommodation close to it ... Just kidding! Should we go there together? 

L’Ovella Negra

Are you missing your favourite bar? Are you looking for a relaxed and homey atmosphere? You should definitely visit this pub with your friends.  Right in the city centre, the staff organizes always many activities for its guests: the “Bingo Musical” (this is getting interesting), live music and a lot more …

Espit Chupitos

Extraordinary is the best way to describe the chupitos of this bar: many different tastes, colours, special effects … well, it is not a bar for an ordinary afternoon: if you have a look at the pictures, you’ll understand what we are talking about.


We have mentioned some locations for the perfect night out with your friends; a small cafè to chill and chat; what about the food? Summer is hot, very hot, and it kills your appetite. Nevertheless, you can enjoy a tasty tapa while you’re drinking a good glass of wine!

These were our 5 suggestions: we’ve covered pretty much the whole day and now you know where you have to look for your next shared flat ahahah We love to have fun with you guys, but we have decided to go for a tapa ... Enjoy your free time!