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What you cannot miss in October!

What you cannot miss in October!

What can't you miss in October? Barcelona offers always many interesting plans, events, festival, exhibitions… helpBarcelona has selected some of them for you!

Red leaves, warm blankets, smell of rain, tasty hot chocolate, maybe some churros. No, it’s not a dream: it is autumn. But we still have time to have fun with our new flatmates, make plans with them and enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Barcelona. It is October, true, but we have the great chance to live in a warm city, soooooo… What are you waiting for? Enjoy it.

Forget for a moment about your cosy room, your shared flat and your delicious apple-crumble tea. The sun is still shining and… you have to plan this month! Cinemas, museums, festivals and cosy cafes are waiting for you. Let’s have a look together to some of the best plans that you cannot miss in October.

Are you ready?




4-14 October Yes, you have understood well. The traditional German festival arrived in Barcelona and we are ready to enjoy it. Are you still at home? Gather your flatmates and taste German beers and traditional dishes. The entry is free (we like it) and you can make a reservation. Even though the location is huge, it is always good to be sure to have a place to sit and have a break between a song and the other!

Pudding Coffee Shop

Did you grow up in the Harry Potter generation? The English magician has been part of our childhood and we have followed his adventures for nearly ten years. We had to suggest you the amazing coffee shop that recreates the magical atmosphere of Hogwarts. What should you taste there? Well, we suggest you one of the magically tasty cakes!



Museu del Disseny de Barcelona

We have mentioned this museum in a previous article, the one of the El Clot neighbourhood. In this respect, we have decided to include this interesting plan in our October Agenda. If you like design and fashion, feel free to visit the beautiful exhibitions offered by the museum. Is your shared-flat close to it? You did the right choice!

Lee Miller and Surrealism in Britain

From the 31st October This plan is more for November than for October, but you may want to visit immediately this interesting exhibition about the English Surrealism hosted by the Fundació Joan Miró. The exhibition includes painting and sculptures by Joan Miró, Paul Nash, Man Ray, Yves Tanguy and Henry Moore.



Fiesta Mayor de la Barceloneta

1-7 October It seems that all the events take place during this weekend, but we have listed only one of the most interesting: the celebration of the Barceloneta neighbourhood. It is always interesting to take part to a traditional Spanish event.

Primavera Club

26-28 October 61 concerts and 39 artists, the Primavera Club Festival is something that you cannot miss this October. From electronic to punk, everyone can find its favourite kind of music. Have a look at the programme and be part of the 17th edition of this great festival.


Are you in love with your cosy room and your modern shared flat? We understand you perfectly! Nonetheless, you have to enjoy Barcelona and take part to its celebrations, events, cultural experiences. Social life is as important as exams and career… Where is this going? helpBarcelona, besides offering you housing solutions, is here to suggest you amazing plans. Keep following us and discover Barcelona with us. This October will be unforgettable and you know it!

Bye, Bye, blanket!