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Barcelona by bike

Barcelona by bike

We are not directly related to the bike sharing company and the information may change over time. They have been collected by helpAccommodation.

Barcelona by bike with Bicing, the ultimate service of public transports in Barcelona. As in many other European cities, bike sharing is becoming popular among the citizens of several Spanish cities. This time, in our public transports column, we will talk about Bicing, the bike sharing service made in Barcelona

Efficiency, speed, affordability, this is what we look for when it comes to public transports. Which are the most common means of transport? Bus and subway, at least in big cities such as our beloved Barcelona. As said, these are the most common ones, but there are many other ways to get around the city. Which ones? Let’s discover it together.

As in many other occasions, the location of your room plays a central role. As this is a brand new service, many stations are located in the city centre, but, as you get further away from it, it may be more difficult to find bikes available. Therefore, the district where you look for your new home away from home is of paramount importance. We always suggest our readers to collect many information about the city and its areas when looking for a shared flat and we provide many posts about this topic on our blog, too. You have all the tools to ease your life once you move to Barcelona.

Now you know that you should find a room close a station of Bicing. As mentioned before, always more cities offer the bike sharing service all around the city and Barcelona is no exception. With its 463 stations, this environmental friendly service is one of the best ways to get around Barcelona, to go to work or to go to the university. It is time to find out more about it!


How does it work?

Bicing, simplicity and speed are the words used to describe this efficient service spread all around the city. Before the details, we have to make a very first step. We have to begin our membership. How to do it? You can do it on their website or you can go directly to their Customer Assistance Office. Let’s do it directly from our cosy shared flat…

After few days, you will receive your card at home. Once you have it, you must activate it. You login to your account and you have to write the 10-digit number on the back of your card. Now, you should be ready to take Bicing for the very first time.

How to get your bicycle

Download the app and choose your station

Now it is time to get your bike! We have simplified the procedure by dividing it in simple and quick steps.

STEP 1_Find a terminal with enough bikes (well, one is enough).

STEP 2_Log in.

STEP 3_Select the bike.

STEP 4_Go to the selected stand and unlock your bike.

Tip: Before going to the terminal and select the bike, have a look at the condition of the bike. They have maintenance, but a breakdown may always occur.

Once you have reached your destination, lock the bike and be sure that it is blocked properly, otherwise you will continue to pay for it!

How the bike works. How much you will pay for this service

There are two types of bikes, the mechanical and the electrical one. According to the one you choose, they have different features. We suggest you to read more about this topic here.

This difference affects obviously the price of the service. Let’s have a look at the details.

The card itself costs 4,54 euros. Once you have the card, you have to choose between the general fees or the ones for the electric bikes. Let’s begin with the first option: the annual membership costs 47,16 euros, the first 30 minutes are always for free and, after them, you will pay 0,74 every half an hour (but only in a timeframe of 2 hours). The second option: the annual membership costs 14,00 euros, the first 30 minutes cost 0,45, after them, you will pay 0,80 every half an hour (but only in a timeframe of 2 hours). Do you need more info? Here the link


This ultimate service has saved our lives several times, especially when metro does not work during night. By living in the central areas of Barcelona, it is easier to find a station and to go from one place to the other by bike. Useless to say, have a look at our column about Barcelona and its neighbourhoods: there are many interesting tips that will help you finding the right location for your room in Barcelona.

Are you ready to whizz through the streets of Barcelona?


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