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Barcelona: Barrio Eixample

Barcelona: Barrio Eixample

Barcelona and Eixample: after a long break, our column is back with a description of another neighbourhood of Barcelona. You may not know the name of this area of Barcelona, but you have been certainly there several times… We do not want to advance you too much about Eixample, so, let’s go on with our post…

Beautiful and modern, these two adjectives are perfect to describe this area. Too beautiful to live there? Not necessarily! Have you ever thought about shared flats? They are a great solution to share the rent, the expenses and great moments together. This means being able to live in one of the most central and charming areas in Barcelona. Furthermore, helpBarcelona is here to help you! We will not provide you just suggestions and information… we will provide you a cosy new home.

Let us back up there, though. Why should you choose this neighbourhood as your new home away from home? There are many reasons and we are here to list them all. First, some general information about the neighbourhood. Ready to take note?

Eixample is one of the most central neighbourhoods in Barcelona. Ildefons Cerdá has planned it with a quite revolutionary idea: it dreamt an equalitarian area with a lot of light. Luckily, after some objections, the works started. This neighbourhood has been also the cradle of modernism: some of the most famous buildings designed by Gaudì.

More info? There we go!  Although Eixample stands up for itself, we have listed its strengths, so that you can have a general idea of this happy place in the centre of Barcelona.



The right name for this section should be “Museums and buildings”. Why? Because the strengths of Eixample are the buildings designed by Gaudì (as already mentioned). Some of his breath taking masterpieces are located there: Casa Battlò, La Pedrera, the Sagrada Familia… Nonetheless, there are some important museums in this area, such as the Egyptian Museum and the Fundació Antoni Tàpies.

Free time

Free time will never be a problem in Barcelona. Many restaurants, the seaside, the parks, the cafes and pubs… We guess you have understood what we mean ahahahah. This neighbourhood offers many things to do during your free time. An example? You can simply walk and enjoy the view of the buildings. You can save money and, than, do some crazy shopping. You can visit museums or simply enjoy the sun close to the Sagrada Familia. You can have an ice cream and have a walk close to the sea… So much to do and so little free time!


Public transports, grocery shops, ATM, hospital, doctors… Everything you need is there. Considering all these things, this area is the perfect one to move to. A good shared flat, some nice friends and some tasty food: a waking dream!


There it is… you are falling in love with Eixample, isn’t it? If you are still looking for a flat, this may be a good chance to live in one of the coolest areas of Barcelona. You have literally everything you could wish for: museums, beautiful street to walk, services, cafes, restaurants… The list is potentially so long that it is easy to forget about details!

By the way, if your dream is a stay in Barcelona and you still need a shared flat, you can count on us. helpBarcelona takes care of its students and young workers. We provide you not only a room, but also suggestions, plans to enjoy Barcelona and, of course, important information. Whenever you will need help, we will be there…

Have you enjoyed our tour in the Eixample neighbourhood? We are sorry that our time together has come to an end, but we will come back soon with another neighbourhood.

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