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Gaudí City Tour

Gaudí City Tour

Think about Barcelona. Now, think about its monuments. Perfect, I guess now we’re on the same page. Today we want to write about him, a great architect, a genius, Antoni Gaudí.

Antoni Gaudí, Spanish architect and part of the Catalan Modernism, has chosen Barcelona to treasure his amazing works. If you live here, you may have noticed it: you cannot walk too much without seeing one of his amazing buildings. Interesting thing is that, except for some, you may have the fortune to see them every day when you go to the university/work.

Are you still looking for your room? There are several districts in the city centre, that are relatively cheap and that are very close to the main Gaudí’s buildings. Choose carefully the location of your shared flat; you may have a breath taking view from your window!   

Cut to the chase, helpBarcelona will guide you through an amazing itinerary following the steps of Gaudí and the treasures he has left in this amazing city. Actually we understand the reason why he has chosen Barcelona, it is just too pretty, not to build there something memorable. Let’s start our tour, is your backpack ready?

First stop

If you are ready with your breakfast, we can start our walk and our first stop is the Sagrada Familia. This amazing church is still not ready, but this is part of its beauty. The construction of this huge temple started in 1882 and, even if it isn’t complete, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in the Sagrada Familia neighbourhood, a residential area right in the city centre. Not bad to live here, isn’t it?

Second stop

After the visit to the beautiful church, we know you need some relax. So, grab a bottle of water, take your backpack and walk the enchanting streets of Barcelona heading Park Güell. In order to reach the Barrio de la Salut, you have to walk a bit, but, believe us, it’s worth it. And, you can chill in the beautiful Nature Square: the view here is simply breath taking! In order to avoid long lines to enter, we suggest you to buy your tickets online; you’ll save a lot of time. Before our third stop, we rest a little bit in the gardens of the park, but not too much: the tour must go on!

Third stop

Here we are, fresh and ready to walk again the streets of Barcelona. We could take a bus, but we like the Gracia neighbourhood so much, that we want to show you this pretty area (please, don’t hate us!). Take advantage of this walk and check if there are some free rooms in shared flats: this district is a good one to live in. After zigzagging all over the place, you have to turn at the Passeig de Gracia. After a while and after some stops in the beautiful shops, you’ll meet a huge beautiful building. We are talking about Casa Milà, named La Pedrera, one of the most iconic works of Antoni Gaudí. What we like the most, are the 32 balconies with their complex wrough-iron grilles and the rooftop with its ventilation towers and the chimneys.

Fourth stop

You don’t have to walk a lot and you’ll notice, for sure, our fourth step. Casa Battló (Passeig de Gracia 43) is the second building of our itinerary. You’ll fall in love with its colours and its famous interiors. A visit is imperative, even if the line may be a little bit annoying. We know you’re tired, so you can rest a little bit and enjoy the view of the building façade sitting on a bench. When you’re ready, we can start walk again heading our fifth and last stop.

Fifth stop

Zigzag a bit and reach the last building we’re going to visit today: Casa Calvet. Even if it’s less known than the other two, this building is equally beautiful. It is one of the earliest Gaudí’s works (1899) and it pays tribute to the baroque Catalan style. Our itinerary ends here and now you can relax and have a dinner on the beach or in one of the restaurants in the Barceloneta.


We hope that you’ve appreciated Gaudí’s work as much as we did! For sure, you know now where you have to rent a room in Barcelona and if you choose a shared flat, you can do this tour again (maybe you can split the itinerary in two days), but this time with your flatmates. Isn’t that exciting?

If you need any further suggestion regarding Barcelona, accommodations or you just want some information, do not hesitate to contact us: helpBarcelona will be happy to help you and to give you some advice.

It’s best we say goodbye here, so that you can rest and eat a tasty Fideuà with your friends. And remember to discover Barcelona!