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Flamenco shows in Barcelona

Flamenco shows in Barcelona


It could look pretty obvious, but what’s the first thing you have in mind when thinking about Spain? Great food, great wine and...great flamenco shows! And if you’re in Barcelona you can’t miss such a passionate, intense, emotional performance.

Here we suggest to our dear Erasmus and young readers 5 of the best (and affordable) shows that take place in the city, but first...a little run-through of the most traditional Spanish live show.



Although its origins seems to be varied – back in time till the Roman and Greek cultures! – flamenco, has its roots in the folk music of the southern Spain (three of most important cradles are Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera and the district of Triana, in Seville), influenced by gypsy and Moorish instruments and styles.

The art evolved at the end of 19° century, the so-called Golden Era, when the dance started to be accompanied by not only the touch of the palms, but also by guitar (the compulsory instrument nowadays) and voice.

Flamenco is like Andalusia itself: a land that finds its background in diversity, a place where a multitude of cultures and points of view coexist and in a flat shared between Erasmus students! (Can you relate this?)


There’s no flamenco without song, music or dance. It’s a harmonious combination of these elements: style of singing, guitar, hand-clapping, foot-stomping and dance.


For sure, what makes flamenco unique and attractive is its intense emotion. The tragic and soul stirring music, by simple using hand-clapping, foot-stomping and acoustic guitar creates an incredible crescendo. The music plays and in the meanwhile the ballerina performs both sinuously and strong, moving her dress, her shawl, using castanets, her face expression and striking imperious stances, posing like a torero!


Now that you’re aware what you’re going to experience, it’s time to choose where to admire this incredible performance in Barcelona. Get a look to our cheap suggestions, maybe the place is right next to your accommodation!


-Tablao Los Tarantos

The place is located in the ancient Gothic neighborhood and it offers authentic flamenco shows since 1963. Treat yourself with a 35 minutes passionate performance starting from 17€.


-City Hall

Enjoy a night of fiery Catalan flamenco at City Hall, the former historic theatre in Barcelona. You can buy tickets for a 60 minutes incredible show starting from 18€.


-Teatro Poliorama

Soak in the 1 hour and 30 minutes show in a historic hall born in 1899, first as a cinema and then as a theatre. Price starting from 35€


-Palau de la Musica

The palace is Barcelona’s UNESCO-listed concert hall, a beautiful building designed in the Modernista style by celebrated architect Luis Domenech i Montaner. You can enjoy a 1.5-hour concert starting from 35€


-Tablao Cordobes

 You can experience a great show in this popular cavern-like venue on Las Ramblas, one of the locals’ favourites since the 1970s, starting from 44€.


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Of course, Andalusia remains the capital of flamenco, the land where this art can be enjoyed in its purest form, but you now know that you can live an unforgettable flamenco experience during your stay in Barcelona. By the way, you can plan your experience abroad with us at and choose the best option that suits you, receiving a customised service.

What are you waiting for? Choose the best place for you and your flatmates, get ready, leave your room and enjoy a flamenco themed night in Barcelona!

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