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Barcelona: Barri Gòtic

Barcelona: Barri Gòtic

Every single neighbourhood in Barcelona is beautiful and charming, but when you have to decide the location of your new home, it may be difficult to orient yourself. The city centre? The suburbs? This district full of great restaurants? Or maybe the other one?

Looking for an apartment or a room in a shared flat is not easy, especially if you don’t know the city and all its areas. If you choose the wrong district, it may be disappointing when you arrive in Barcelona and you don’t like the place you’ll live for the future months. This is why we have decided to dedicate some of our articles to this hot topic and this time it is the turn of the super central Barri Gòtic (Gothic district).

This quarter is simply too pretty to describe! There are great ice creams, it has amazing buildings and it is in the city centre … how could you ask for more? Let’s discover this area together, it will be a great tour!

The Barri Gòtic is the medieval part of the Ciutat Vella district and it is located in its exact city centre. You’ll find all the Barcelona main attractions all around you: La Rambla, the Mediterranean sea, the monuments. The Gothic quarter has a quite labyrinthine structure with many small streets and squares that characterize this part of Barcelona.

Why should you look for your room in the charming Barri Gòtic? There are several reasons and it is impossible to remember all of them, but we will do our best to collect the most important ones. Our list will make you fall in love with this amazingly beautiful and charming neighbourhood. Cut the chatter, let’s start our list.


Looking for a room is not easy, but it is even more difficult to find a flat in a central area that offers all the services you’re looking for. This neighbourhood is close to everything you may need: supermarkets, 24 h, the Saint Catherine Market with many fresh products, banks, metro stations, etc. This detail has to be taken into account because, you’ll realise it when you’ll live there, it will easy your stay in Barcelona. No dramas, happy people!


Could you ever live in a place far away from all the most interesting museums ever? We don’t think so. You need culture in your life, at least a little bit. Close to the Gothic district, there are the interesting Modern Art European Museum and the museum dedicated to Picasso. Well, we guess they are both great solutions to spend a nice afternoon with your friends or with your family.

Free time

Lot of free time? Any idea? Oh please, there are so many cafes and restaurants and ice-cream shops that you cannot get bored! Other thing that we literally love to do in this area is walking the streets: every building, every corner, every little street is enchanting and you’ll always discover something new. It is a fascinating neighbourhood; do not underestimate the value of this part of the city.

The Barceloneta

Barceloneta means beach and beach means relax and fun! Close to the old town, there is the harbour and the seaside. We really think it is one of the strengths of the Gothic District. You walk a little bit and you can sunbath, run, swim… We know you’re already packing your bikini and your sun glasses!

We are aware that looking for a room in a new city is always difficult, especially if you don’t know the different neighbourhoods and what they can offer to you. The Gothic quarter is definitely a pretty place to live in; it is super central and there are always many people: no way to get bored. Hopefully this short list will help you in the choice of the location of your new room. At least now you know what this neighbourhood will offer you.

You are very lucky because we have settled some of our apartments there. It is the dream of many students: a shared flat in one of the most exclusive neighbourhood of Barcelona. Beach, monuments, ice-cream … What more could you ask for?