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It’s coffee o’clock

It’s coffee o’clock

Guess what? It’s coffee o’clock guys! Some people count time in hours, minutes, sunlight...we count it in coffee cups!


Coffee lovers in the World are more than one billion and, if you think about it, it’s not that hard to guess why this beverage has been so common all around the planet for centuries: it’s a real luxurious experience. Smelling the aroma from the hot cup, admiring the warm brown shades, tasting the rich flavor mindfully make the coffee time a reason to enjoy a happy and simple life’s pleasure.


We’re quite sure you, as an Erasmus student, already drink liters and liters of coffee in your flat while studying and getting ready for exams. But, sometimes, we all deserve (and need!) to treat ourselves with some high-quality coffee in stylish and cosy cafeterias.


By the way, if you haven’t checked them yet, here we suggest you our favourite coffee spots to enjoy during your stay abroad in Barcelona.

These places are like specialty coffee temples in our Mediterranean city, which is finally catching up with the other European leading cities like London or Berlin. Coffee shops are popping up everywhere and it’s plenty of professional baristas, Masters of roasting, brewing and many other processes.


Well, it’s definitely time to get deep with us in this tasty coffee guide!


- Nomad Roaster's Home

This specialty coffee shop, located in Poblenou neighborhood, imports and roasts high quality coffee. Here they select the beans, roast and serve them in every possible way; just one word to describe them all: excellence!


- Cafés el Magnífico

In this shop, where you can buy one of the best coffee beans in the world, there’s a tasting area where you can enjoy an extremely delicious coffee. Yeah, the price is not that cheap, but quality is worth a few euros more!

Little tip: here you can’t miss their special cappuccino.


- Satan's Coffee Corner

Located in the Gotic neighborhood, this coffee place was founded by a coffee roasters son: that means that the high quality is a family tradition. Although this, Satan’s Coffee Corner looks like a 3.0 cafeteria: from the stylish decor and quality standard for the coffee to brewed craft beer.


- Onna Coffee

You can find this place in Gracia neighborhood - have you checked the post about this beautiful and bohemian barrio, plenty of artists and people from all over the world? -. By the way, the founder of Onna Coffee is from Costa Rica and you can easily recognize the characteristic Latino style all inside the shop. The particular thing in here is that the waiters are like masters bartenders: they provide you with all the types of coffee and the suitable options to drink it.


- Slow Mov

A unique space with two different souls: you can find both an excellent high quality origin roasted coffee and a special menu with delicious recipes in which every ingredient is a farm-to-table product: in fact, their concept is based on proximity and respect for the organic production principles.


Are you ready to enjoy a coffee shops route with your friends, flatmates, or just with a book keeping you company? In any case we are sure you’re going to love these amazing spots during the free time out of your flat (and oh, don’t forget to check our accommodations at


But, most important, don’t forget that coffee is always a good idea!


See you soon,

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