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Maritime-route in Barcelona

Maritime-route in Barcelona

Hello readers,

it’s been a while since our last tematic tour in Barcelona (the flamenco one, do you remember?). Well, today we are going to take you through our suggestion of a mind-blowing maritime-route.
Barcelona is one of the most important Mediterranean cities and it has a millenary seafaring tradition. The sea is the main element of this city, of its culture and history, and nowadays it is a major resource for Barcelona as a touristic and trading place.

If you are a sea and beach lover, Barcelona provides you with a wide range of activities and services to spend the best time by the coastline.

Here we provide you with some suggestions to visit Barcelona by the seaside:


  • Cultural tour
    If you are looking for an amazing view, you can go up on the top of Columbus Monument, 60 metres above the city. Down there you’ll spot the Museum Maritim of Barcelona and then, wandering through the Port Vell and Rambla del Mar, the walkway will lead you to the amazing Aquarium of Barcelona, the biggest of Europe.
    Then, walking along Moll de la Fausta, you will head to the famous Palau de Mar, where you will find the Museu d'Història de Catalunya.

  • Beaches
    Barcelona offers a 5 km gold sand beach, one of the main recreational hotspots for locals and tourists, thanks to its beauties and services (like the ones for people with reduced mobility, bikes, or the many public transports).
    Here and along the other towns down the Barcelona coastline, you can enjoy all kinds of beaches from the family focused ones to young oriented ones, party areas and even naturist beaches.
    By the beach in Barcelona, you can do a lot of activities: sunbathing, riding bicycles, having your workout, a swim or just a relaxed walk.

  • Fishing
    If you’re a fan of fishing, this is the perfect place for you to enjoy this relaxing activity while diving into the beautiful Barcelona atmosphere. Here are a couple of useful contacts to fish recreationally alongside professional fisherman:
    - Charter Inad
    - Barcelona’s Fishermen Guild

  • Boat
    Barcelona, as all the other cities located by the Mediterranean Sea, has a long-time tradition of sailors and explorers. That’s why in this city it is easy to find boats of all sizes: from huge cruises, to luxurious yachts or small crafts.
    Barcelona has quite a big network of ports with loads of services from the northern to the southern side of the coast: here you can go on boat-tours, have great boat parties (organised by StokeTravel), or hire a boat for your own use or to share with your international friends.

  • Water-based activities
    - Flyboard: an aerodynamic board that takes you up in the air to 12 metres over the sea! This can last 15 or 30 minutes. More info
    - Jet skiing: enjoy this fun and unique adventure by Barcelona’s coast. It can last 1 hour or 1.30. More info
    - Paddle surf and Kayak: give these amazing sports a try while enjoying the view of the beautiful Olympic Marina! It lasts 1 hour. More info


What are you waiting for? Now that you know many of the things you can do by the sea in Barcelona, there’s nothing left to do: just choose the best activity for you and your flatmates, get ready, leave your room, and enjoy a maritime-route day in Barcelona!

By the way, you can plan your experience abroad with us at and choose the best option that suits you, receiving a customised service.

Hasta pronto,
Your helpBarcelona team