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Public transports in Barcelona

Public transports in Barcelona

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Public transports, the best friends of thousands of people who live in a big city! Do you agree with us? Public transports are essential to go to the university, to go to work, to meet your friends, etc. You could never live in a city like Barcelona without good connections, busses and subway.

Whenever you move to another city, public transports are the first service that you have to check. Which are the options you have to go from one place to the other? Should you take a bus? Is it better the subway? Where is the closest stop? If you choose Barcelona, you have a great advantage. This city offers you all you may need to join your friends in the city centre. No way to get stuck. 

Public transports are one of the parameter that you have to take into account when you are looking for a room or an apartment. A well-connected shared flat will ease your life. Collect information and check some housing service providers. helpBarcelona may me the perfect solution to find your new home away from home. Our flats are located in some of the best neighbourhoods and they are all perfectly connected.

How to move around in Barcelona? Metro and bus are the two main public transports, but you should not underestimate the tram that it is equally efficient and useful. Those transports will connect you with every corner of the city. Any detail? Here you go…


The Metro of Barcelona has 8 lines spread all around the city. They connect not just the main areas in the city centre, but also the suburbs and, more importantly, the airport to the “Zona Universitaria” (L9s). You’ll be able to easily identify the lines: each one has a different colour and a different number after the letter. Again, when you’re looking for a room, be sure to have a metro station close to it.


No way to count all the bus lines, but this is definitely good, isn’t it? It may be more difficult to get around the city due to traffic jam, but this is the perfect option to discover hidden streets. We love to look around when we take a bus! It is like a city tour and it is not tiring (we’re lazy people!). We have nearly forgotten the night busses: a great chance to go out during the night, especially during summer.


This is the third way to get around and it is as efficient as the other two. There are 6 lines and they work from 5 a.m. till midnight during the week and till 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Looking at the website, we’ve discovered a very interesting thing. Do you know that it consumes less energy than any other mode of transport? If you are environment friendly, this is a valuable choice.


You can buy tickets and travel cards in the hall of every metro station, at each tram stop or on-line. The prices vary according to the area and the membership you choose. Therefore, we suggest you to have a look at the website in order to check the fare zones you’re interested in. Here a useful link.


Timetable are of paramount importance when you have to get around Barcelona. There are several apps that will help you to schedule your day and not to waste time waiting for the bus or the metro. The most downloaded are “Barcelona metro – TMB map and route planner”, “TMB iBus”, and “Barcelona Transit – Offline TMB departures and plans”. They will ease your lives! 

Public transports are very efficient in Barcelona. It’s impossible not to find a good solution to join your friends. Nonetheless, when you look for an accommodation, we suggest you to check carefully the location of your new room and the transport services available in the area. By selecting the best-connected locations, you will always have a metro or a bus to go wherever you need to go. helpBarcelona is here to help you at every step. We will suggest you the best connected neighbourhoods of Barcelona.

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