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Barcelona: Barrio Sarrià

Barcelona: Barrio Sarrià

Barcelona: Barrio Sarrià is the neighbourhood where we will walk together this month. Are you enjoying our blog post about the neighbourhoods? Are they useful? We would really like to have your feedback in order to improve our blog and to help you before and during your stay.

Providing you with all the services you may require is actually a priority for helpBarcelona. This is the reason why we are describing you all the neighbourhoods of the city. We have still a lot of work to do, but, if you are looking for a shared flat in Barcelona, you have already valuable information at your disposal. We have “walked” together in Eixample, in the Ciutat Vella district and in many other pretty areas of Barcelona.

Before discovering Barrio Sarrià, its history and its main features, we would like to suggest you the perfect housing solution for students and young workers. Actually, before looking for something in a district, you should have quite clear if you wish to live alone or with other people. In order to get the most out of your stay in Barcelona, shared flats are the right choice. First, you will not be all alone in a new city: your flat mates will become your new friends and you will collect great memories with them. Second, you can share your rent and this means more money to enjoy the city and… to travel! We are students and young workers, too; therefore, we can assure you that you will not regret your stay in a shared flat: we have met so many friends and we have fun meeting us in other cities all around Europe… A shared flat is a lifelong experience.

Now that you have clear the housing solutions that you have at your disposal, we can discover Barrio Sarrià, one of the cutest and exclusive neighbourhoods in Barcelona. Originally, this area was an independent village. Despite its annexation to the beautiful city, it still preserves its original old town and all the features of a small village. Should we tell you more details of this picturesque area?



This area has many strengths, but no museums. Therefore, today cultural section has a new name: monuments. They are mainly churches and a beautiful square. Far from the touristic areas, you will be able to enjoy the modernist and neoclassical buildings. Moreover, you can enjoy a peaceful view of the Sarrià square that was the old cemetery of the old town. Tibidabo is also an attraction not too far from this part of Barcelona… Not bad for a residential area, right?

Free time

In any other part of Barcelona, we would have suggested you to go shopping, to eat in a fancy restaurant or to take a tea in a cosy café. This time, we suggest you to make some excursions in the close parks. Why? Because Barrio Sarrià is the ultimate green area.


We are used to isolated green areas, far away from services and lively neighbourhood. This is not the case of Barrio Sarrià. Actually, the location of this residential area is simply perfect: close to green parks, it is true, but also close to one of the main streets in Barcelona and well connected by metro and bus to the old town. This neighbourhood is not only well connected, but it has also everything you may need: grocery shops, markets, banks and much more… Is something missing? We do not think so; the proof is in the pudding.


A walk in beautiful neighbourhoods is always a good idea, right? We are in love with this neighbourhood and we would really like to move to one of its pretty buildings. Do you thing this one may be the right location for your new home away from home?

Just in case you will choose Barrio Sarrià, helpBarcelona kindly suggest you to look for a shared flat. Useless to repeat you again all the reason why we are in love with this kind of housing solution. Cheap, social and cosy! Cosy as the shared flats offered by helpBarcelona and that are located in this green area. If you are still planning your stay abroad, do not miss to check our offer and to collect information by reading our blog.

As our most affectionate readers already know, after our suggestions and the informative part it comes always the greetings paragraph ahahah and, sometimes, the spoilers! This time we want you to tell you in advance the next neighbourhood we will write about. Barrio Gracia is the next area we will describe in our “neighbourhood” column. When? This stays a secret…Just stay tuned!