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The Metro de Barcelona

The Metro de Barcelona

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The "Metro de Barcelona" is one of the main public transports of the city: 8 lines, 158 stations and 150 trains, a great network that connects the entire city centre and the suburbs. If you decide to live in this charming city, you’ll use it a lot and it is important that you’re well informed about the lines and their stations.

Are you still looking for a room? If the answer is affirmative, you can use this little post to identify the line that interests you the most! By renting a room close to a metro station, your displacements will be easier and quicker. In a big city like Barcelona, the public transports are of paramount importance; do not underestimate the advantages of having a metro station just around the corner. If your shared flat is close to one or several stations, it will be easier to join your friends in the evening, you’ll be likely not to arrive late at meetings, you will not lose time… we don’t want to bore you with the whole list, we guess you got what we mean!

Many advantages, little effort. Not without reason, our motto is “Keep it simple”! The only thing that you have to do is to collect information (we simplify this task by providing you some links, interesting articles and assistance) and choose the location of the accommodation (we have already selected some of the best housing solutions; have a look at our offer!).

Barcelona Metro Schedule

Let’s take a step back and have a look at the opening hours of the Barcelona Metro.

The schedule varies according to the day of the week. In general, it opens every day at 05.00 except the days when it offers continuous services (Saturday). During working days (from Monday to Thursday) and on Sunday, there are train until midnight. On Fridays and nights before public holidays, the services stop at 02.00. If there are midweek public holidays, it stays open until midnight.

It is time now to uncover all the lines and their most important stations. Are you ready?

Metro de Barcelona

Before our quick description of some of the most important lines, we want to describe you the method to remember and identify each line. If you’ve alredy visited a big city, you may be already familiar with the method of the colour, but each system has its own characteristics. The one of the Metro de Barcelona is to put an L right before the number of the line. So, every time you see an L and number, you now that it refers to the subway and not to the busses or tramways.

Let’s check the most important lines, in particular the line 1,3,5,9 s. Why these lines? Discover it with us…

LINE 1_ Its colour is the red and it connects the hospital to the Universitat, Catalunya and Urquinaona stations. With this line, the city centre is yours!

LINE 3_ This is the light green line and it connects the “Zona Universitària” to the whole city, passing through the important station “Diagonal”.

LINE 5_ The blue line, ladies and gentlemen! If you are planning a touristic tour or you want to see one of the most beautiful sunsets of Barcelona, this is your line. Sagrada Familia, El Carmel, Diagonal…

LINE 9 s_ This line is the first you have used/will use. It connects the airport to the city centre! The colour? This line is the orange one, but pay attention to the “s” after the number. There are actually two lines 9, but they are in two completely different parts of Barcelona.

This description is essential, but it gives you an idea of the lines that you will use the most.

Ticket and memberships

What about the ticket prices and the memberships? The price for a single ticket is 2.20 euros. This ticket is for a single journey on bus, metro or funicular.

Let’s talk about the memberships. This topic is a little bit more complicated and, for this reason, we have chosen only two of the several options you have. The first one is a T-Time membership. It is a personalized travel card valid 30 days (from the first validation) for an unlimited number of journeys and the cost vary according to the zones (zone 1: 54 euros). The second option is the membership for the lucky under 25: 90 days of unlimited journeys from 105 euros (zone 1).

For further information, please check carefully the website and go in one of the many info points if you have any doubt.


Our suggestions? No matter what, try to find your room or flat close to a metro station, you will notice the difference! As we have already advised in several of our articles, the location of your accommodation is super important, especially when you live in a big city like Barcelona. If you choose the wrong neighbourhood, you may need more than our hour to go to the university or to go to work.

Now that you are familiar with the Barcelona Metro, you can start your flat hunting and enjoy the city more than ever. Stay tuned with helpBarcelona, we will guide you through the most beautiful neighbours, corners, restaurants and museums of Barcelona.

Are you ready to discover the city with us?