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What you cannot miss in August!

What you cannot miss in August!

Festival and events, seaside and hiking… You’ve probably already experienced a lot this summer and now you’ve problems to find an equally entertaining thing. In Barcelona, you won’t have any problem to find something interesting to do. Nonetheless, we really want to give some suggestions.

Have you ever thought to the importance of finding a room in a good location in order to enjoy the city and its events? Do not underestimate this detail. By living in the city centre, you won’t have to plan too much. You have just to leave your shared flat and walk the streets.

Afraid to spend too much time in your room? Do you want to plan something with your flatmates? Don’t worry, helpBarcelona will help you to organize this crazy month. Here you have our top plans and things to do during this month. Events, food, art … check it out!



Takumi Grill and Sushi

Sushi is always a great idea. It may not be a typical Spanish dish, but it is refreshing and relatively healthy. Great combination to deal with the bikini season. This one is an “all you can eat” and we have had a look to the design… amazing.


We know that it is a typical drink of Valencia, but it’s hot and we need something to console ourselves. Barley water may be a solution and, apparently, you’ll be able to drink a good one in Barcelona, too. Let us know if it is as tasty as the original one.



Museum of illusions

What an entertaining project! Lose yourself in a world of optical illusions, you’ll spend a great afternoon with your flatmates and you’ll have fun. There are several museums like that all over the world, but this is the only one in Spain. What are you waiting for?

Charlie Chaplin

18August -19 August A weekend with Charlie Chaplin, we couldn’t ask for more. Enjoy two of its most famous movies, “Shoulder arms” and “A dog’s life”, and keep discovering this amazing film director. As you cannot miss this event, we will provide you more details: at 17.00 in the Filmoteca de Catalunya. The price? Very little (only 2 euros each).



Jazz Music

5 August We love jazz music and you? Whether you like it or not, you must go to the Tancat Jazz Club and enjoy a show. The power of this music will capture you and you’ll start to listen to it at home, too.

Festes de Gracia 2018

15 August -21 August For the newcomers, Gracia is a pretty neighbourhood in the city centre of Barcelona. It is new and has amazing architectures. You must definitely have a walk there as soon as you can! Back to the event, it is the biggest and most colourful neighbourhood festival in Barcelona and, if you have a look to the pictures on the website, you’ll know what we are talking about.

As already mentioned, if your room is in a good location, you won’t have any problem to find these and many other events in Barcelona. By the way, we’ve left you all the necessary links to orient yourself. What can we say? Enjoy!

See you soon … This time on September!