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What you cannot miss in March

What you cannot miss in March

What cannot you miss in March? helpBarcelona has collected for you, dear readers, some great plans for you and your friends. Our agenda is finally back and we are excited to share with you all the things we have discovered during the last months. Our excitement is even bigger if we think that spring is coming and flowers will blossom soon! Time flies, though. It seems yesterday that we were decorating our shared flats for Christmas…

Even if we are becoming a little bit nostalgic, positivity and optimism will be our key words. Positivity, this is the way we will begin this new monthly adventure with you. We have selected for you some great favourites, hilarious and interesting, touching and deep.

Positivity aside, you have no chance to escape our suggestions, the right way to begin March ahahah. The very first thing we would like to talk about is the location. When you are looking for a flat (shared or not), value the location according to some criteria such as services, public transports, closeness to the city centre and quality of life. In this respect, helpBarcelona has created the “neighbourhoods” column, several posts that describe some of the best areas in Barcelona.

The second suggestion is about the accommodation: which kind of accommodation is the perfect for you? It depends on your needs, of course, but, if you are a student or a young worker, shared flats may be the most valuable solutions to spend some months away from home.

We really think it is time to begin our agenda. As always, we will provide you with some events, exhibitions and concerts dates. Our favourites follow right after: Oscar Wild, Charlie Chaplin…

 Events and more


El Espai de gats: happiness! This is what we think of when somebody tells us to drink a cappuccino surrounded by cats and kittens. Are you ready for cuddles?

Until 31 March_Stanley Kubrick: last chance to visit the exhibition that describes the work of this great director. Besides his works, you will see some personal objects of the author. You cannot miss this exhibition!

12 March_Slash: the lead guitarist of the Guns N’ Roses will play as soloist in Barcelona. If you are lucky enough, you will still find tickets to listen to this great artist. This is something that you cannot miss.

20 March_Florence + the Machine: two concerts this month, but you can easily understand that we could not avoid to add them in our list. If you still do not know them (hard to believe), this may be a good chance to discover a new amazing group.


 March favourites


To watch

  • The Kid: an unexpected surprise named Charlie Chaplin. Actually, we ran into this film by chance, just walking the street and checking the programme of one of our favourite theatres. It has been an amazing experience and we would like to share it with you. To sum up in few world, a tramp, Charlot, finds an abandoned baby and adopt him. We do not want to spoiler anything so… just watch the first full-length film directed by Charlie Chaplin, one of the funniest and most touching films we have ever seen.
  • Westworld: imagine a fantasy world; turn it into something real and creepy on the same time. The result will be Westworld. Great direction, great plot, great cast, great locations, great everything. We wish we could tell you more about this science fiction, but we do not want to ruin one of its strengths, the twists and turns. Thank you HBO for this TV series, two seasons of suspense.

To read

  • The importance of being Earnest by Oscar Wilde: if you have not read this play yet, well, do it as soon as possible. Interesting and hilarious, this farce will entertain you for an evening (unfortunately, it is as brilliant as brief). The importance of being Earnest is one of the most popular works by Oscar Wilde and it depicts the importance of institutions like marriage during the Victorian age with a satiric accent. (EN)
  • Don Quijote by Cervantes: Sancho Panza is our idol, maybe because of the funny name. By the way, this comic and tragic novel is one of the foundations of modern literature. The language is quite difficult; therefore, if you decide to read it in Spanish, be sure that your level is high enough. Live a peculiar adventure and discover the Mancha with the noble Quixote and his squire Sancho Panza (ES).

 To visit

  • Lleida: this is one of the oldest town in Catalonia (it dates back to the Bronze Age) and it is not too far from Barcelona. What cannot you miss in Lleida? The Romanesque and Gothic cathedral, the Baroque Seu Nova, La Paeria or city council and the museums. You can reach this ancient and fascinating city by train and we suggest you to spend in there two days in order to enjoy its beauties to the fullest.

To eat

  • Granja Dulcinea:  next month we will suggest you a restaurant, promised. This month we had to suggest you one of the best places to taste the traditional and universally known Crema Catalana. We were not great fans of this treat until we have tasted it in Barcelona and in the pastry shop Granja Dulcinea. Enjoy this sweet treat and let us know if you are in love with it, too.



Do you like our plans? You will love our favourites even more! If it is still too cold to go to the seaside, you still have your blanket and many entertaining activities that you can enjoy in your shared flat. This is the strength of living with other people in a nice cosy flat. You can gather and watch TV series; you can read a good book and then talk about it with your friends. Actually, our aim is to help you get the most out of your stay and your experience. Are we doing it well?

We wish you an exciting and unforgettable March!

Yours helpBarcelona team