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Museums in Barcelona

Museums in Barcelona

Museums in Barcelona. Can you imagine that we have realized just few days ago that we have not written anything about Barcelona and its museums yet? Unbelievable! Shame on us… We are not too late to talk about them though. We were probably too busy with Christmas, neighbourhoods and agendas, but we have found a spot for this topic and we cannot wait to begin our list!

Sunny day? Rainy day? Alone? With friends? It is always a good day to visit a museum and a new interesting exhibition. Furthermore, in Barcelona there is always something new to discover, maybe a gallery or new mural. If you live in a good location, it will be even easier to discover these new chances to spend a cultural afternoon with friends and flat mates. This is why we have decided to open our neighbourhood column for all of you. We provide you with a detailed description of the districts, its connections, its museums. With these brief little guides, you will become more familiar with the city and you will know where to look for a shared flat. This is one of the goals of helpBarcelona!

Let’s focus, now! We had to talk about museums in Barcelona, the one that you cannot miss and that you will remember as great experiences. This post though is not the only source of information when it comes to culture in Barcelona. We are used to write down the new exhibitions in our agendas. Therefore, stay tuned and do not miss our monthly post about events, exhibitions, concerts and favourites (have you seen the new design? Do you like it?).

So, no way to get bored and no way to miss the last exhibitions. Should we finally list the museums? We think it is time to do it ahahah. We stray a lot, but we love to chat with you!


Fundació Joan Miró

This museum is one of our favourites. Besides some works of the artist, it hosts many exhibitions with collections that come from all over the world. Should you visit this one? Of course, you should and you will not regret it. We suggest you to check constantly the programme so that you will not miss any of their events and exhibitions.

Museu Picasso

No need for explanations, we guess that everyone agrees with us when we say that this is a “must see”! You cannot say to have visited this city without a stop in the museum dedicated to Pablo Picasso. Enjoy it!


This is the National Art Museum of Catalonia, one of the most important museums in Barcelona. If you are into art, you may have already heard something about its incredible collection of Romanesque church paintings. Besides these treasures, you cannot miss the Catalan art section. No way to leave Barcelona without visiting this museum several times.

Caixa Forum Barcelona

Everyone knows this Forum and its exhibitions, at least because of the location. Actually, the extremely interesting exhibitions are hosted in the old Fàbrica Casaramona, a modernist building built between 1909 and 1912. Now, you have two reasons to spend there your afternoons.

Barcelona City History Museum

This museum exhibits the heritage of the city from Roman times until these days. It is located in Plaça Del Rei, but you can see several archaeological sites all over the city. This is the perfect way to discover more about this city and be part of it in a more conscious way.

Chocolate Museum

Are you looking for a sweet and alternative weekend? Well, the chocolate museum may be the right choice. Maybe because we are chocaholic or maybe because it is rather original, we are in love with the Chocolate Museums and, yes, we suggest you to visit it and discover all the secrets behind chocolate.


What is this? It is the Museu d’Idees i Invents de Barcelona, literally the museum of Ideas and Inventions. We are attracted by this relatively new and modern museum and we are sure you will enjoy it, too. What are you waiting for? Buy your entrance.

Design Museum

Last, but not least, the paradise for every single designer of this world. Weather it is your future profession, or you are just a designer amateur, you should pass by and be blown away by its collections.


You’re spoilt for choice, isn’t it? By living abroad, you will have the chance to wide your horizons and enrich your cultural background. As you have certainly noticed, Barcelona offers you many options to spend a cultural afternoon with your friends. Laziness though is always around the corner and you may decide to stay at home enjoying a coffee and watching Netflix.

In this respect, the location of your shared flat plays a central role. By living in the city centre or close to a metro station, you will have more chances to overcome laziness and spend the cultural afternoon you deserve! Have you noticed that we have used the word “shared flat”? We have done it on purpose, of course. Our readers know it, but this is a quick reminder for the newcomers. Shared flats are some of the best to enjoy the stay to the fullest, to meet new people, to begin a friendship, to save some money and to create great memories. helpBarcelona has an entire blog post dedicated to this topic and we suggest you to have a look at it!

Dear readers, unfortunately it is time to say goodbye, but… Stay tuned, another blog post is coming soon. If you miss us, remember that you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (twice a day!).