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Barcelona: Ciutat Vella district

Barcelona: Ciutat Vella district

Barcelona and one of its most representative districts: Ciutat Vella. This topic will open the 2019 of the column about the neighbourhoods. As you may have noticed, we have not called it Barrio as we are used to do. Of course, there is a reason! Ciutat Vella is a huger area of Barcelona that entails four main “barrios” in it. We will go back to it later though.

How many of you are newcomers? For the ones that have never read our blog, helpBarcelona is a housing service provider. What we offer, besides extremely nice shared flats and several services, is information about Barcelona, its neighbourhood, tips to plan your stay, language bites and a monthly agenda (with a brand new design). Let’s cut the chatter, otherwise this post will be endless and we know how busy our readers are! Talking about time and busy people, a SPOILER… In few weeks, we will talk about some useful time management techniques!

By the way, back to our Ciutat Vella. As we have mentioned above, this district entails four neighbourhoods. El Raval borders La Rambla and it is home to several interesting restaurants and bars. El Gòtic is the old town and in its tiny and picturesque streets hosts many beautiful monuments, such as the Cathedral (we have already talked about this gorgeous neighbourhood, here the link). San Pere is the one that leads to the sea and it entails other smaller neighbourhoods, such as El Born, (it sounds familiar, right?). The last neighbourhood in the Ciutat Vella district is La Barceloneta, the harbour and its architectural beauty are the treasures of this part of the district.

This was a quick overview, but, being this district one of the oldest one in Barcelona, we could talk about it for ages. Unfortunately, time flies, therefore we should just go on showing you the strengths of this area and the advantages of living there. Are you ready?


Free time

Free time will always be filled with interesting activities in this district. There are so many cafes, museums, events, restaurants and ice cream shops that you cannot get bored! Besides walking the streets of the beautiful old town, you can go shopping and, one of our favourite activities, you can chill watching the horizon. Let us explain it a little bit better. As we have mentioned above, this district entails La Barceloneta, therefore the seaside, the harbour and the beaches. We do not really need to say this, but this is a dreamy place to move to.


This neighbourhood has literally all the services you may need: supermarkets, 24 h, the Saint Catherine Market with many fresh products, banks, metro stations, etc. As we are used to tell our readers, services are of paramount importance, especially for the quality of life. Whenever and wherever you look for a shared flat, we suggest you to choose the neighbourhood carefully. Ciutat Vella districts may be a good choice in this respect.


Culture is as much important as free time, services and accommodation. In this district, you will be surrounded by history and culture. Besides the Cathedral and the ancient buildings of the Barri Gòtic, there is the interesting Modern Art European Museum and the museum dedicated to Picasso. New exhibitions, workshops, walking tours… Culture will be part of your life!


Have you enjoyed our tour in the Ciutat Vella district? We guess there is no need to convince you that this one may be the perfect area to move to. Is it perfect? Of course not, but it is a more than a valuable alternative to other districts and neighbourhoods.

Are you still green? If you do not know which housing solution may be the right one, follow our suggestion. Shared flats are simply perfect for anyone who wants to begin a new adventure far from home. From an economical point of you, they will make you save some money that you can use to travel, to taste delicious food in some of the restaurants in Barcelona, to go to the gym… From a social one, you will meet new people, interact with them, become friends and you will create amazing memories.

We guess you have all the tools to begin your adventure in Barcelona. Mission accomplished! Do not worry, this column will come back soon and, meanwhile, you can enjoy our blog. Therefore, dear readers, stay tuned.