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Ready for new adventures?

Ready for new adventures?

Are you ready for new adventures? helpBarcelona have listed for you a “Top five” with some of the best Day trips. Perfect timing… Spring is nearly here and many sunny days are waiting for us. The best way to get the most out of your stay in Spain is discovering all the beautiful cities around Barcelona: fast, cheap and amusing. Actually, would you be interested in a “travel” column? We may bring you in Madrid, Granada and many others gorgeous locations. Let us know.

Barcelona is a gorgeous city and, every single day of your stay, you will always find events and activities. This is a double-edged sword. Even if you cannot get bored in this amazing city, you have to travel, visit new places and discover little town rich of history.  Every single corner of this country treasures jewels from ancient times. This is what have made us begun the new section of the agendas and have made us write this post: you must get the most out of your stay. This is momentous, even more than the location of your shared flat (that, by the way, helps). At the end of your stay, you must describe your stay as a great Spanish experience.

These amazing adventures can occur only if you decide to move to Barcelona. Therefore, let’s talk about planning your stay. First, the accommodation. helpBarcelona strongly believes that shared flats are the best housing solutions for students and young workers. Why on hearth living with other people is better than living alone? Shared flats are cheaper and this is great to save money for travelling. Moreover, you may need a crew to discover Spain. By living with other people, you can plan Day trips with them and you will create a great team both at home and “on the road”.

However, we cannot wait to unveil our Top five Day trips, five amazing journeys to discover an amazing country. Pack your lunch and let’s discover Barcelona surroundings.


Top five



This city offers much more than one of the busiest airports in Catalonia. Girona may be your first stop before arriving in Barcelona. Therefore, we suggest you to stay in this little town a little bit more and to enjoy what it offers. If you are already in Barcelona and you wish to escape its bustle, this ancient city is the right place to spend your Saturday afternoon. Cathedral, old fortifications and the remains of the Jewish community are only few of the beauties treasured by this medieval city. Just out of curiosity, Girona has become one of the Game of Thrones filming locations.


Assonances… This is the reason why we have listed second Terragona (actually, we did it randomly, but we wanted to begin the paragraph in a fancy way). Founded in 5th century BC, it is a port city and it treasures ancient Romans ruins that are actually a World Heritage Site. Breath-taking… (To continue the paragraph in the fanciest way possible). Close to these ancient remains, you will enjoy the view of several churches and of the modern Terragona with its squares, the university and the railway station (if you go by train, it may be the first building you will see in this city). As we do not want to spoiler you this city, let’s go on with our top five.


Girona, Terragona, and now Lleida, not too far from Barcelona. This town is one of the oldest town in Catalonia and it dates back to the Bronze Age. What cannot you miss in Lleida? The Romanesque and Gothic cathedral, the Baroque Seu Nova, La Paeria or city council and the museums. Oh my word, so much to see and so little time. If this list was not about Day trips, we would suggest you to stay there more than one day. You can reach this ancient and fascinating city by train, but remember not to leave too late because you may risk not seeing all the beauties of this enchanting location.


You may know this city for the festival, one of the most important film festivals in Catalonia. Whitewashed houses with ceramics decorations and beautiful plants: walking the streets is a relaxing activity to begin your day in this Costa Brava’s beach town. The old town is beautiful and the beaches are amazing. Moreover, culture will be part of your day trip, too, with the Bacardi and the Santiago Rusinol museums. You can reach this paradise by train (about 35 minutes far from Barcelona), therefore, this is a town that you must have in your travel list.


Last day trip destination is Figueres and, when we say Figueres, you say… Dalì! This city hosts the impressive Dalì theatre museum. Beside this entertaining visit, you should take advantage of the wide cultural offer of this little town: we have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of museums. If you wish to spend an original and cultural afternoon, plan your trip in Figueres. Do not forget to book the entrance in the Dalì theatre museum in advance.


Ok, our backpacks are ready. What about yours? If you are in Barcelona since months, we may have suggested you cities that you have visited already. If you are a newcomer, you will certainly plan these trips. And, if you are still in your own country, you must move to Barcelona. As you can see, we have taken care of everybody.

Now, it is time to talk about a stumbling block. How to afford these day trips? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy (today is the lemon squeezy day). As suggested above, shared flats will allow you to travel as much as you wish. This housing solution is perfect to share rent and expenses; you can save money and invest it in trips, museums and other activities. Having said that, when it comes to look for a new accommodation, remember: shared flats are the best.

Where will you go first? We cannot decide, but we will soon vote for the next destination of our adventure. Share your trip with us by commenting our post or by mentioning us in your stories on Instagram (@help_accommodation).

It is time to pack our camera and to go to the train station… See you soon.

helpBarcelona travel team