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What you cannot miss in April!

What you cannot miss in April!

What you cannot miss in April! As every month, helpBarcelona has selected for you some of the best events that will take place in April and some favourites. Actually, we are quite proud of the favourites that we have suggested you in this blog post. They were all great surprises and we have discovered them during the last weeks…

Before talking about events, concerts, exhibitions, books and TV series, we have to provide you with some of our traditional suggestions. If you are planning to move abroad, you must know that there are many things to think about. First, you have to define your budget. According to your budget, you can choose the country, the city and, eventually, even the neighbourhood of your new home away from home. Once you get a “financial plan”, you have to prepare all your documents, collect information about the city you would like to move to and look for your new home away from home.

Talking about your new home away from home, the accommodation is without any doubt one of the most important details of your stay in Barcelona. This is the reason why we always provide you with tips regarding housing solutions. On the top of our list are shared flats. Shared flats are perfect for students and young workers who want to spend some months abroad: they are cheaper, you can meet people from all over the world and you can organize amazing movie nights!

Actually, April spent with some international friends will be special. And, if you follow our suggestions, we are sure it will be unforgettable. It is time to explore this month events.


 Events and more


Until 2nd June_Meet Vincent Van Gogh: we know you have enough time, but we do not want to risk to miss this date with the amazing Vincent Van Gogh. This exhibition is not a common exhibition. This exhibition is an experience, a full immersion. You will love it.

5-7 April_Salón Internacional del Cómic de Barcelona 2019: you do not need to be nerd to appreciate comics. These book are becoming always more popular and they are often emulated by the more occidental graphic novels. If you are a fan, you already know what you have to do. If you wish to discover comics, this may be your chance to do it.

27 April_Mumford & Sons: this will be “the” concert. We are waiting for listening them live since years and we certainly will not miss this great chance. Ready to sing?


 March favourites


To read

  • Stoner by John Williams: an American novel, a great discovery. We have read only few American literature masterpieces; therefore, you can imagine our surprise when we have read this work by Williams. The protagonist of this page-turning book is an English literature scholar and professor, whose life flows slowly. Nothing relevant seems to happen until… Too many details! The only thing that we wish to say is that this story of ineptitude is worth your time. (ES)


  • Los años de Allende by Rodrigo y Carlos Reyes: even though we knew about the political personality of Salvador Allende, we ignored the details of his governance. This amazing graphic novel by Carlos Reyes and Rodrigo provides the reader with a quick overview of the years of Allende. If you are curious and you appreciate drawings, this graphic novel may be perfect for you. Moreover, if you do not master Spanish, you will not have many problems reading it (drawings help and there is only few text). (ES)

To watch

  • China Gate: China Gate, a film of the 1957, is set during the French Indochina War and it talks about the story of a group of French Foreign Legion mercenaries that infiltrate to destroy an arms depot of the enemy. Besides being interesting from a political point of view, we have really appreciated the set and the song “China Gate”, a great melody to frame a touching story.


  • Twin Peaks: Twin Peaks is a mystery horror drama series directed by Lynch and Frost in 1990. A murder of a young girl, mysteries and anxiety… After the great success of the first season, it ended after a less popular second season. In 2017, Lynch and Frost decided to continue the series. Many episodes that will take your breath away.

To eat

  • Avocado: this month we will focus on one single ingredient, the amazingly tasty avocado. As we could not choose which restaurant had the best recipe of this fruit, we have decided to share with you an Avocado itinerary in some of the tastiest places in Barcelona. Here, the link of “La ruta del aguacate”.

To visit

  • Sitges: yes, this is the city that gives the name to one of the most important film festivals in Catalonia. Whitewashed houses with ceramics decorations and beautiful plants: these are the strengths of this little pretty and old town, famous for its beaches, too. Moreover, culture will be part of your day trip, too, with the Bacardi and the Santiago Rusinol museums. A little paradise to discover and we are ready to do it with you!


Oh my word, so many things to do this month! We will take part in all these events (we are not able to choose one!) and we have to find some free time to watch Twin Peaks again… We will be busy. But do not worry, helpBarcelona will entertain you with many interesting blog posts. We have already planned this April with many surprises and new entries.

Even though many things will change (again ahahah), helpBarcelona will keep posting plans, images and tips on Twitter, Facebook and, of course, Instagram. We do not want to spoiler you our new plans, but you will soon realize all the amazing things we are going to create for you (new posts, more pictures and much more).

See you in May,

helpBarcelona”revolutionary” team