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How to spend a sweet Carnival in Barcelona

How to spend a sweet Carnival in Barcelona

How to spend a sweet Carnival in Barcelona… Easy with helpBarcelona and its list of delicious traditional Carnival sweets. If you get a sweet tooth, this is the post for you: among our sweet posts, this is definitely the most sugary ahahah. Why do we like Carnival so much? For the delicious food, you can taste during these festive weeks. Are you ready to discover them with us?

Carnival treats are not for loners! We are kidding; they taste better though, if you share them with somebody, even better if this somebody is one of your flat mates. Actually, if you live in a well-equipped shared flat, you can even cook them all together and then enjoy the product of such a hard work. By sharing your flat, you will not share only Carnival treats, but also an unforgettable experience. Let’s not talk about the economic benefits. Enough reasons to rent a shared flat, right? Our suggestions do not finish here today. As we have talked about the accommodation, why not talking about the neighbourhoods. (this is a new one, so read it carefully)… (and take notes). The location of your new home away from home has to be selected carefully and, therefore, we post, since several months, information about some areas and districts in Barcelona.

Heat some water in your kettle, prepare your blanket and get some biscuits. We are all set to begin our sweet list. Raise your hand if you are excited like us!  


Carnival sweets list or Carnival sweets that you have to taste!


Sopas de miel

These tiny pastries are the first of our list. Why? Because they look tasty and we are curious to taste them. Ingredients: bread, water, sugar, lemon peel, cinnamon, anise, almonds and honey. We hope that this suggestion is right and these sopas are unforgettable in our palates. We will let you know and, please, if you taste them before us, let us know…

Bunuelos de viento

The name of this fritters is poetry: “light-as-Air”. Will they live up to the expectations? Yes, they will… They are fried; how can they possibly not be super tasty? Another tasty detail: Spaniards fill them with cream, marmalades or custard and dust them with powdered sugar. We are in heaven.  Even though they are not literally light-as-Air, they seem so tasty that we cannot avoid eating them during Carnival.


Cannot wait to taste Torrijas. One of our architects is in love with them and he has suggested us not to miss this Carnival treat (consider him as responsible for the negative experience! We are kidding, of course). These traditional and ancient sweet dates back to Roman times and it was originally prepared for the labouring moms due to its high calories content. Despite the simplicity and the poor ingredients, these bread puddings must be very very very good!


These are typically in the Canary Islands and, apparently, they are normal pancakes. Take off apparently. Nonetheless, they are not eaten with maple syrup, caramel or cream. Spaniards usually serve these fluffy fried round treats with honey… Should we taste them? Of course, we should.

Leche Frita

This treat is the last… Only because it is the only one we have actually tasted. It reminds us our childhood (even though we are not Spanish) and it is extremely sweet. It is fried milk: simple, traditional and tasty. No more words needed. Expect to say that we are going to buy it immediately because we are getting hungry ahahah.


Our blood sugar is quite high! Kidding aside, we cannot wait to taste all these Carnival treats. They seem to be one better than the other is. Will you celebrate Carnival now? We are the greatest lovers of this celebration, but with all these sweets, we have to join Spanish traditions and enjoy what they offer to us… Maybe some fried milk?  Some Sopas de miel?

All these treats are even sweeter if you taste them with someone. This is the reason why we always suggest people to live in a shared flat. Looking for an accommodation is always extremely hard. We know it! Therefore, we suggest you this housing solution: they are easier to find, they will be on budget and, drum roll, you can share your treats. Easy, cheap and healthy… What more do you want? helpBarcelona gives you the chance to meet amazing people: our shared flats in Barcelona are perfect to get the most out of your stay! Check the web and find your new home away from home.  

Short digression… We have deleted just right know one of our New Year’s resolutions, the “Eat less sweets” one. It is not worth and our year will be much better with some treats ahahah.  

Some tasty Carnival treats are waiting for us in the kitchen. Therefore, we let you go check our Twitter or Instagram and we enjoy some fried milk…


Yours sweet columnists by helpBarcelona