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Barcelona: barrio de Gràcia

Barcelona: barrio de Gràcia

Barcelona and barrio de Gràcia. No need to tell you that this month we will discover this neighbourhood and that you fall in love with one of the bohemian areas of Barcelona. Barrio de Gràcia will be a great discovery for all those people who are not familiar with the city.

Before our monthly walk through Barcelona, we wish to provide the newcomers with a quick overview of the last posts about the neighbourhoods and with an explanation for the creation of this column. The “Neighbourhood” column has born some months ago: we wanted to explore every single corner of this amazing city and we wanted to do it with you. We have been in the old Barrì Gòtic and we have enjoyed its old building and the narrow streets. We have walked through the streets of El Clot, Eixample and Sarrià. We could not miss the Ciutat Vella and now, it is time to visit barrio de Gràcia. Of course, we have provided our readers with a list of the main neighbourhood and we will not stop our journey soon… There is so much to see!

Why has helpBarcelona decided to create this column? There is a very good reason for writing posts about Barcelona and its neighbourhoods. We wanted to provide students and young workers who wanted to move to Barcelona with a useful guide that could help them during their flat hunting. Our posts should help you finding the perfect location of your shared flat. Central, well connected, with many services, close to your University or maybe close to the seaside. By following our suggestions, your shared flat hunting will be easier!

Living aside the shared flat topic, we should begin immediately with the hot topic of this blog post: barrio de Gràcia. Before our three sections (Services, Monuments and free time), let’s discover something more about this neighbourhood. Gràcia has been independent until the late 19th century. This is the reason why it looks different from any other part of Barcelona. As well as maintaining its identity, this neighbourhood is considered the bohemian one, with many artists and people from all over the world. Ready to discover barrio de Gràcia?



Let’s begin with a little bit of city sightseeing. The first thing you must visit is Park Guell, one of the most iconic works of the artist. From that park, you will enjoy a breath taking view of the neighbourhood and Barcelona. Other Gaudi themed attractions are Casa Vicens and Gaudì Experiencia. The architecture of this area is remarkable; therefore, every time you will walk through the streets of Gràcia, you will discover a new amazing building or a new square that will astound you.

Free time

Sweet weekends! If you can take a break from books and slides, barrio de Gràcia offer you many interesting plans that will make your weekends unforgettable. Escape rooms, little parks, tiny boutiques, art galleries, theatres, cinemas and many restaurants. No way to do the same thing twice and no way to get bored. As you can guess, we are in love with this young and vibrant neighbourhood. Moreover, being well connected with the rest of the city, you can easily reach the more touristic city centre or the seaside.


You could easily live there without going in any other part of the city. Do you need food? Grocery shops, supermarkets and minimarkets are everywhere. Do you need to withdraw money? Banks and ATM at your service, Sir. Do you need a doctor? You will find the one you need. Public transports? Efficient and everywhere. We actually do not know any other way to say that this neighbourhood will offers you all you may need in your everyday life. Moreover, if you do not want to cook, you can go and grab some food or you can call Just Eat…


This is what we mean when we say the “perfect” neighbourhood. Perfect for your shared flat; perfect for any student or young worker who wish to live in a stimulating and international neighbourhood. Perfect to spend a night with your flat mates; perfect for a dinner or for a drink. Perfect to meet emergent artists; perfect to buy casual and original items.

Now, we have mentioned many times these shared flats. Why? helpBarcelona suggests its clients this housing solution because it is cheaper than a studio or an apartment and it offers the chance to live with people from all over the world. Once you have found the location, you can begin the search of your new home away from home, a cosy and international shared flat.

Time flies, as always… Many other blog posts will entertain you this month and we will come back soon with another neighbourhood tour. Just, stay tuned and do not miss helpBarcelona’s blog.